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OSM-Fehlerbereinigung mit - Anleitung almost 2 years ago

Hallo poppei82,

vielen Dank für deine Fehlerbereinigungs-Anleitung! Ich habe mich vor kurzen selbst in die von gelieferten Fehlertypen und ihre Behebung eingearbeitet, aber deine Anleitung ist ein tolles Kompendium, das mir (hätte ich es gleich entdeckt ...) manches erleichtert hätte, und das mir auf jeden Fall bei den etwas exotischeren bzw. schwerer zu behebenden Fehlermeldungen hilft. Also vielen Dank und beste Grüße,


Some map improvements in Bodenseekreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany about 3 years ago

Two postscripts to my previous comments:
1) Sorry for the typos – I was in a hurry but wanted to respond quickly.
2) I have added an addendum to the blog entry above for clarification.

Some map improvements in Bodenseekreis, Baden-Württemberg, Germany about 3 years ago

Hello sdoerr, LivingWithDragons, Richard and jaltux,

thank you very much from your comments. But you don’t need to shout at me (“O, NO, NO!!”: I understand the uppercase letters as crying ;-).

I have not done anything illegal, I know well about the German copyright law concerning maps. I just made some errors in my wording — sorry for that! When I wrote “The sources for all these changes are a) printed maps and town maps […]”, I did NOT mean that I had copied any maps or parts of maps. I just meant that I took a look at some printed maps to double-check if my notes, my memory and my intepretation of my own photographs and of the Bind aerial imagery are correct. There can’t be anything illegal about such a quick look at some map, at least according to German copyrigth law.

Therefore, as I did not copy anything from any map, we don’t need to remove “any changes [I] have already made that were based on other maps”. I’m sorry again for my wrong wording and will give better descriptions of the sources for any edits I will do in future.