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Reflections on 10 years of a changing Open Source Map 17 days ago

Nice read and very nice work! Cheers!

A trip to Dwasieden castle ruins about 2 months ago

Well, first and foremost Germany is a SI-unit country. When I adjusted the image to fit my GPS trace it also seemed to be in meters. If you then look at the original blueprint (can be found at ) it says "M".

Mapping the Student City about 2 months ago

Nice work! Mapping buildings take a lot of time, but the resulting map is much better then before.

The joy and sadness of open data 2 months ago

I do not agree that I am demonizing armchair mapping. I agree however that armchair mapping is a large and important part of mapping the world for OSM. I also enjoy armchair mapping, when it is involves tracing from satellite data (and from older maps), but in not too large portions. What I like less is the work I described above; trying to merge vector data from different datasets with OSM.

For me the whole OSM thing has been about discovering the area where I live, or where I go on vacation and so on. And also about discovering things I can't from other maps or sources. For me it is wenting my head from everyday crap as you call it.

Actually visiting a place almost always gives you more information than looking at it from a distance. Sure it takes more time, but for me it is worth it. However, calling on the ground mapping for a pipe dream and limited sounds a bit elitist to me.


More mapping of old quarries 3 months ago

Thanks for the nice comments!

Old quarry-mapping in the summer rain 6 months ago

Ok, thanks. Any interesting quarry-mapping experiences you'd like to share?

Old quarry-mapping in the summer rain 6 months ago

Hi. Yes, you're probably right. I should improve the tagging. I remember though that I found the suggestions in the wiki not matching my case.

Do you have any example of your mapping adventures?

Old quarry-mapping in the summer rain 6 months ago

What do you mean, "in the end"? I have mapped the outline of the holes for each little quarry. I do this be walking along the perimeter once. Sometimes it is hard since there may be trees in the way, or it may be a bit dangerous since you may fall into the hole. In the latter case I walk a little further away...

Stuff found in the forest during a short walk 8 months ago

Thanks for the comments.

Ruins of another sawmill 8 months ago

Hi, yeah I guess I should do that as well. I haven't been using Mapillary for a long time, but I know I should...

Two trips to ruins of an old sawmill 9 months ago

No worries, it usually happens when I am mountiainbiking.

Using DEM and slope data to find interesting mapping locations 10 months ago

The SRTM data? It was a couple of years ago that I checked, but according to , it is in the public domain.