Danmark needs mappers

Posted by Chaos99 on 25 May 2010 in German (Deutsch)

Just returning from a short trip to danmark, guided by my reliable eTrex and a OSM map.

While I finally found my destination, I had to rely on coordinates extracted from google maps images. The level of detail of the OSM maps was rather bad. While there are lot of house numbers (an import?), there are no streets beside the primary and maybe secondary ones.

The lack of detail puzzels me a bit, as this is a popular holiday region and one would assume that at least some mappers are among the holiday makers too.

While I will off course add the tracks I recorded, much more work is needed in this region.

Comment from rasmusv on 25 May 2010 at 10:41

Fyi, and to answer your question. There has formerly been a import of KMS-data, but we have an massive ongoing import of data from AWS now.

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Comment from Winbladh on 25 May 2010 at 14:47

I would say that it depends on the area you are referring to. We are not so many mappers i Denmark. But in the areas we live, the map is well developed. We welcome your tracks, since it seems the areas you went to is far from where we live. (by interest, which area are you referring to?)

When rasmusv is saying import of KMS data - it means that the Danish OSM-community imported at big free dataset, with address data.


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Comment from Chaos99 on 26 May 2010 at 08:13

I was visiting the area east and north of Aarhus, especially Ebeltoft and Femmoller up to the randers fjord.

It will take some days to sort through the recorded tracks and bring them to OSM.

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