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Route Manager and History Viewer over 5 years ago

Okay, I have activated some detailed logging, and it seems that there is in fact a dead lock somewhere.

Route Manager and History Viewer over 5 years ago

Running more tasks at a time will not bring a speed improvement but only consume more memory as the limitation of speed is the OSM API.

The fairest policy would be to not have a queue at all but to process everything at the same time. The problem is that for an analysation to run, lots of OSM objects need to be kept in memory. That’s the reason why I implemented the queue, because this way the memory consumption is kept as low as possible.

Route Manager and History Viewer over 5 years ago

I have reset the queue now. I don’t know how to avoid this, but one minute is way too short as a timeout (the relation blame function takes a long time even for small relations). Maybe I will create separate queues for the different functions.

OpenLinkMap layer in FacilMap over 5 years ago

Added a feature request for OpenSeaMap layer on

OpenLinkMap layer in FacilMap over 5 years ago

This is something that you have to suggest to the author of OpenLinkMap, as I am only using its data.

Route Manager and History Viewer over 5 years ago

What position in the queue does it display for your changeset? As there is one queue for all functions of Route Manager and History Viewer, it is not unlikely that the queue takes a long time to process, as especially the Relation Blame function of History Viewer can take very long.

Route Manager and History Viewer over 5 years ago

I read about that bookmarklet some time ago and created two Greasemonkey scripts that create a link on the changeset and relation pages: and

OpenOrienteeringMap now for the whole world over 6 years ago

Am I seeing this right that the new Street-O tiles don’t have a transparent background anymore? That would be a pity, the old tiles made it possible to display a real Google-Hybrid lookalike with OpenStreetMap data.
Nevertheless, great work!

Nominatim search result icons over 6 years ago

Very nice, thanks for the tip!

New OpenStreetBugs client, translators needed over 6 years ago

At the moment, Translatewiki seems to be too complicated, as translators have to register and request permission to translate. It doesn’t seem to be possible to create a new project. On the other hand the number of languages that my tools could be translated to would probably be much higher on Translatewiki because non-OpenStreetMap users could help with the translation as well.

At the moment, I prefer the OpenStreetMap wiki, as it is more newcomer-friendly.

Live Permalinks over 6 years ago

Yep, that’s something I’ve wanted to implement for some time, done now.

Google MapMaker: What now? over 6 years ago

In Google MapMaker, people can map without going out with a GPS device, because of the good satellite images (I haven’t ever used it, but I suppose they use the normal Google Satellite imagery). Furthemore I don’t think that they care much about copyright when they insert street names and other information.
This is not possible in OSM.

Country roads around Lismore over 6 years ago

Your changeset is finally viewable in OSM History Viewer. It was so big that I had to increase the memory limit in Java. ;-)

OSM History Viewer almost 7 years ago

Now you can also enter changeset IDs with a #.

OSM History Viewer almost 7 years ago

I almost suspected it to work incorrectly, thanks for the tip and for saving me the time to find it out myself.

US/Canada border about 7 years ago

Here in Germany, we have a similar problem. At least in Landkreis Miesbach, there are two borders to Austria: one from the Landkreis border import, which is really detailed, and one with the source CIA World Databank II. Unfortunately, the CIA border only consists of nodes, and those are not connected by a way. Fortunately though, they all have a source tag, so it would be rather easy to delete them.

OpenLayers Map about 7 years ago

I didn’t really know Google MapMaker, I’ve added it to the map now. I know about the bug with the pop-up dialogues, but I haven’t found any fix for it yet.

The difference of OSM to other projects about 7 years ago

That would be a really cool innovation. It would searching the mailing-list a lot easier if there were links to related discussions on the Wiki pages.

Software about 7 years ago

Merkaartor hat – soweit ich das bis jetzt entdecken konnte – diese Templates von JOSM nicht. In JOSM sind einige Map Features schon eingebaut, zum Beispiel zum Anlegen einer Adresse. Es öffnet sich dann ein Fenster, in dem du alle möglichen Angaben machen kannst. So braucht man nicht immer die Tags nachschlagen.
Außerdem scheint in Merkaartor das Bearbeiten von langen Routen, die als Relations gespeichert sind, noch etwas umständlich zu sein. In JOSM hat man da wenigstens die Routen aufgelistet, die durch den heruntergeladenen Bereich verlaufen, und kann sie so bearbeiten.
In JOSM scheinen allgemein ein paar Sachen im Moment noch schneller machbar zu sein, zumindest, wenn man ungeachtet lässt, dass JOSM im Gegensatz zu Merkaartor (als schlanke und schnelle QT-Applikation) teilweise mehrere Gigabyte Hauptspeicher zieht, und selbst wenn dieser vorhanden ist immernoch stark verzögert auf Eingaben reagiert. Der große Vorteil von Merkaartor ist auch, dass durch QT die Oberfläche so funktioniert, wie man sie gewohnt ist, JOSM hingegen verwendet irgendwelche Java-Sachen, und da kann es schonmal sein, dass die mittlere Maustaste, die Tabulatortaste oder das Auswählen von Text nicht so funktionieren, wie man es von seinem System gewohnt ist.

Ich empfehle daher Merkaartor zu verwenden, und für kompliziertere Sachen wie Relations eben ab und zu JOSM zu starten.

The difference of OSM to other projects about 7 years ago

I forgot to mention, what currently also happens very often is that new tagging practices are considered the best on the mailing-list, but pages describing these things aren’t updated on the Wiki and still describe the old practice. People don’t seem do see the Wiki as the standard reference for tagging.