Exploring the area near the end of Route 27, Tampere, FI

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 13 October 2013 in English (English)

I took the number 27 bus to the west end of its route. Towards the end, I noticed water off to one side of the bus. I followed several walking paths through some open space with a playground and basketball field.

Crossing over a bridge, I noticed a boat in the distance, on the edge of a stream. Approaching the boat, I noticed a small area where people seemed to be storing boats. Nearby the boats, there was a wooden bridge flanked by a brilliant golden tree.

Crossing over the bridge, I followed a grass path leding to the edge of a marshy area. I decided to turn back, as I didn't have any wading boots.

Nearby, a lonely wooden bench lay covered with leaves, and nearly overgrown by surrounding grass. I took a moment to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, admiring the grass waving near the water's edge.

Continuing along the trail, I came to some horizontal wooden railings. They seemed to be for hanging something on, such as rugs. There was a water area nearby, with faucets, perhaps for washing.

Following a gravel trail towards the residential road, I merged paths with a bike path. The bike path ran parallel with the road, so I followed it for a bit.

I noticed a trail off of one side of the gravel bike path, with two benches in the distance. Following the grass covered trail, I arrived at the benches. They faced into some wooded growth, which struck me as odd. The trail continued onward into the wooded area.

The trail led into a watery marsh area. In order to cross the marsh, a basic boardwalk had been constructed. The construction seemed sturdy, yet simple - consisting of planks nailed to horizontal logs.

I followed the boardwalk for the short span, and arrived at a beach of sorts. It was a good opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the water, as well as observe the wind playing in the grasses.

I followed a gravel road back to the main paved residential road. The 27 bus drove by shortly thereafter, and I walked to the bus stop to see if the bus might hold for a few minutes. The bus was parked at the stop, between routes, and I caught the next trip back to town. I have published several photos of the excursion on the GNUmedia Gallery

Location: Ryydynpohja, Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Western Finland, Finland

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