Woolman Semester School, orchard, and pasture land

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 2 October 2013 in English (English)

Woolman Semester School

I am quite fond of the land and community at the Woolman Semesster School. As such, I am continually drawn to help out in small ways.

Campus boundaries

I noticed that the polygon representing the campus was skewed to the north of many of the buildings. I expanded it, and stretched it across the primary campus.


I added a polygon around the old orchard, and tagged it with landuse: orchard.

Cow-op pasture land

I added geometries for much of the pasture land used by the cow-op (cow cooperative) that extends across campus.


These small edits have helped me to remember the sense of Home, and place, I felt while living at Woolman. :-)

Location: Woolman Lane, Woolman School, Nevada, California, 95959, United States of America

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