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Exploring the area near the end of Route 27, Tampere, FI

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 13 October 2013 in English (English)

I took the number 27 bus to the west end of its route. Towards the end, I noticed water off to one side of the bus. I followed several walking paths through some open space with a playground and basketball field.

Crossing over a bridge, I noticed a boat in the distance, on the edge of a stream. Approaching the boat, I noticed a small area where people seemed to be storing boats. Nearby the boats, there was a wooden bridge flanked by a brilliant golden tree.

Crossing over the bridge, I followed a grass path leding to the edge of a marshy area. I decided to turn back, as I didn't have any wading boots.

Nearby, a lonely wooden bench lay covered with leaves, and nearly overgrown by surrounding grass. I took a moment to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, admiring the grass waving near the water's edge.

Continuing along the trail, I came to some horizontal wooden railings. They seemed to be for hanging something on, such as rugs. There was a water area nearby, with faucets, perhaps for washing.

Following a gravel trail towards the residential road, I merged paths with a bike path. The bike path ran parallel with the road, so I followed it for a bit.

I noticed a trail off of one side of the gravel bike path, with two benches in the distance. Following the grass covered trail, I arrived at the benches. They faced into some wooded growth, which struck me as odd. The trail continued onward into the wooded area.

The trail led into a watery marsh area. In order to cross the marsh, a basic boardwalk had been constructed. The construction seemed sturdy, yet simple - consisting of planks nailed to horizontal logs.

I followed the boardwalk for the short span, and arrived at a beach of sorts. It was a good opportunity to enjoy a panoramic view of the water, as well as observe the wind playing in the grasses.

I followed a gravel road back to the main paved residential road. The 27 bus drove by shortly thereafter, and I walked to the bus stop to see if the bus might hold for a few minutes. The bus was parked at the stop, between routes, and I caught the next trip back to town. I have published several photos of the excursion on the GNUmedia Gallery

Location: Ryydynpohja, Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Western Finland, Finland

Ecumenical Campus Ministries

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 13 October 2013 in English (English)

The Ecumenical Campus Ministries is a great community space, with lots of events (such as a weekly, free lunch called Veggie Lunch). There are a lot of aspects of ECM to explore, such as service learning trips, classes, various speakers, a housing cooperative, an anarchist bookstore, community opportunity center, and more. It is a good place to network and to become integrated into many communities.

Location: Louisiana Street, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, 66044, United States of America

North Powerhouse (Bowersock Mills and Power Company)

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 13 October 2013 in English (English)

The North Powerhouse is a hydroelectric power plant that dates back to the nineteenth century. The building is remarkable and the turbines are quite a sight (and sound)! They offer tours to the public, which you can request from the Bowersock Mills and Power Company website.

Location: East 6th Street, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, 66044, United States of America

VanGo Mobile Arts

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 13 October 2013 in English (English)

I have enjoyed making friends and volunteering at VanGo Mobile Arts. I noticed that the map had no information regarding this awesome non-profit, art organization, so I added a few details to make sure it shows up on the map :-)

Location: New Jersey Street, Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, 66044, United States of America

Woolman Semester School, orchard, and pasture land

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 2 October 2013 in English (English)

Woolman Semester School

I am quite fond of the land and community at the Woolman Semesster School. As such, I am continually drawn to help out in small ways.

Campus boundaries

I noticed that the polygon representing the campus was skewed to the north of many of the buildings. I expanded it, and stretched it across the primary campus.


I added a polygon around the old orchard, and tagged it with landuse: orchard.

Cow-op pasture land

I added geometries for much of the pasture land used by the cow-op (cow cooperative) that extends across campus.


These small edits have helped me to remember the sense of Home, and place, I felt while living at Woolman. :-)

Location: Woolman Lane, Woolman School, Nevada, California, 95959, United States of America

Grass Valley Friends Meeting

Posted by Brylie Oxley on 6 May 2012 in English (English)

I just added a point for Grass Valley Friends Meeting.

Location: Woolman Lane, Woolman School, Nevada County, California, United States of America
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