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closed 499601 BCNorwich

Why so many fences and hedges on top of each other. I'm sure each boundary only has one fence or hedge.
I'm pretty sure the fences and hedges don't go through the middle of houses but are terminated at the house exterior wall.
Also it really isn't good to use linear (fence/hedge) and area (residential) tags on the same way, (this is what leads the mapper to run the fence through the buildings).
A better way to tag these ways is to draw and tag each feature then group them to form an area relation.

over 1 year ago about 7 hours ago
closed 1001891 Richard Crosby

The building marked is not linked to the street facing row of properties.

10 days ago 5 days ago
closed 991141 Andy Green Mann 22

Bircham Windmill, tourist attraction and camping ground. Best cream teas and bakery in West Norfolk!

20 days ago 6 days ago
open 999273 BCNorwich

I think a new 20 mph zone has been partly mapped on Woodside Rd, needs to be surveyed.

12 days ago 9 days ago
closed 456431 BCNorwich

Question 1 Are there really two paths along the canal bank or should these two paths be combined, then what of the two sets of tags to keep?
Question 2 What is the correct name of the path?

over 1 year ago 13 days ago
open 989192 BCNorwich

Hi can someone local confirm that this store is changed from "Argus Lighting" to "Co Op Local" please? then the tags can be updated accordingly.
There is currently a confusing mix of tags from Maps.Me

22 days ago 22 days ago
closed 874346 BCNorwich

Hi, can anyone local verify the recently added features around here, water, parcel pickup, parking, many paths. It all looks very suspicious. Thanks.

4 months ago 24 days ago
open 967993 BCNorwich

Is this a park and pond?

about 1 month ago about 1 month ago
closed 910068

This is a public park.

3 months ago about 2 months ago
closed 734718 uk_jay

70ft approx

8 months ago about 2 months ago

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