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closed 860174

Marsh next to Morrisons

28 days ago 6 days ago
open 885334 BCNorwich

Hi, is this building really here, can it be removed??

12 days ago 12 days ago
closed 215777

Incorrect exit:

over 2 years ago 14 days ago
closed 862492 JordanWilson101

Public Grass spot.

26 days ago 15 days ago
closed 880742 Canarytops

Electrical Wholesale (Open to public) (OSM data version: 2017-01-19T15:17:02Z) #mapsme

16 days ago 15 days ago
open 878130 BCNorwich

Hi, it looks like the outlines for the park, school, recreation ground and playground are misshapen.

18 days ago 18 days ago
open 874346 BCNorwich

Hi, can anyone local verify the recently added features around here, water, parcel pickup, parking, many paths. It all looks very suspicious. Thanks.

21 days ago 21 days ago
closed 854255 BCNorwich

Hi, this really needs local knowledge or a proper on the ground survey. There have now been separatly mapped a cycleway and footpath across the field. My remote information suggests it's a public footpath. In any case the junction to Landimore Road is wrong and the continuation south from Landimore Rd is missing. Thanks

about 1 month ago 21 days ago
closed 867433


25 days ago 22 days ago
open 823811 BCNorwich

Very long sections of Pedestrian=highway "Rand' Abers 1" have been mapped ontop of other premapped highways. Thus making duplications that disrupt routing. The existing highway should be modified to accept the new tags.

2 months ago 28 days ago

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