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New road style for the Default map style - highway=path is evil 15 days ago

I use path as suggested in the wiki. For the surface I use the surface tag so a footway and a path can be both paved and unpaved. I use path when a way can be described by many highway values but I agree that the distinction between them, ihmo, can be accomplish using the foot/bicycle/motor_vehicle/horse/...tags and some others (sub)tags

the changes seem good ;-)

PS:from zoom level 13 to 16 highway=residential rendering can give some problem in some old, densely urbanised, european town/city: Gela Z13 Gela Z14 Gela Z15 Gela Z16

(oneway=yes should be narrowed but I think this is difficult to obtain without introduce other rendering issues)

However the Humanitarian style work great in this situation. Gela H Z13 Gela H Z14 Gela H Z15 Gela H Z16

I hope you can solve this problem :-)

@ RobJN: About paths/footways "importance" distinction I agree but I think it can be obtained using surface, tracktype, "access" and width tags. so do we really need so many highway (foot, pedestrian, bridleway, path,cycleway)? the main (important for an user ) distinctions between them can be described by already existing tags in my opinion...the only problem can be the legal classification.

New road style for the Default map style - the first version 18 days ago

Hi guys, in Italy this white yellow orange red scheme doesn’t give any particular problem to me...they are not the colors of the road signs here but I think the important things are to easily recognize the roads from the other elements on the map and discriminate the main roads from the minor ones. This scheme work great with GoogleMaps and I've not read or heard of any problem for the UK/Anglophone people using it, so why are there so many problem in OSM?

In carto similar elements have similar colors, the only exception is the actual road color scheme with color that span in an UK centric way (this is not necessary a con) with blue, green, red, orange, yellow, white and grey lines and the first two colors (used for the main roads)are used already to draw other and totally different elements.

So this color-scheme is familiar mainly only with anglophone people and gives serious discrimination problems in the well mapped areas, while the new color-scheme is (sadly)more familiar to anyone using an online map and it has not discrimination problem in well mapped areas.

OSM is an international project, and in some non-anglophone place in the world the actual color scheme has little or no sense. the only way we have to identify the main road is because of their thickness not by their color. with this new color scheme also the color help to discriminate the main roads from the minor one and the same discrimination logic can be used by anyone, including english people.



Direct editable tags in osm about 2 months ago

thank you RobJN.

[2] US County Roads (from residential to track) 2 months ago

Thank you very much, these tools I will definitely helpful. Aury88

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: OSM Map Evolution 2 months ago

@ yogi_ks I done only the step you wrote (plus a sudo apt-get intall git gifsicle)...but seem it work despite that error ;)

Karnataka 01/2007 to 12/2014: OSM Map Evolution 2 months ago

You need also git in the "sudo apt-get install" package list ;)

I think I've a problem with make step...this is my make output in terminal:

[ 50%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/mapolution.dir/cmdline_options.cpp.o [100%] Building CXX object CMakeFiles/mapolution.dir/main.cpp.o Linking CXX executable mapolution [100%] Built target mapolution

Linking CXX executable mapolution is written in red and Building CXX object CMakeFiles/mapolution.dir/cmdline_options.cpp.o reach only 50% but it's written in green...I don't know why and if they are ok in this way... I use ubuntu 15.04

US County Roads (from residential to track) 3 months ago

In Italy agricultural road are normaly freely accessible (if not private property).They are not so big like in USA but I think have the same purpose. We usually map them with highway=track if they are not generally used by people for normal travels...during the days normally these roads doesn't see particular traffic except tractors, animals and farmers or fields workers but they can be used by everyone. the classification and the administrator/operator also doesn't influence the tag...we can have regionals road with a lower level highway value than some provincial roads if they are minor for traffic's rare but can happen. For me there is not problem at all, if you say that those are unclassified roads I'll map in that way ;)

I'll try to use also the tracktype tag suggested by lyx.

@ maxerickson: yes, the linked road seem an unclassified road...probably I selected/see the north side where the normal traffic use seemed to me this case do you is better to cut the road at the Westview Avenue intersection and tag the south block with unclassified/residential and north with track or do you think it's better to make it all unclassified?

thank you all guys!

US County Roads (from residential to track) 3 months ago

Hi lyx, I'm not expert in the use of the tracktype tag, but it seem to me another tag to use with the tag surface to specify its maintenance grade (it can be applied virtually to any type of surface, asphalt included), but I can not see it from the aerial image... The surface tag seem to me more appropriate for the thing I can see/distinguish from aerials

@Richard/jumbanho So in USA do you use highway=unclassified (+ surface=paved/unpaved/gravel) also for roads with predominant/only agricultural use?

I thought that even in the USA the surface material classification was made through the use of surface tags and the lanes number through the lanes tag; In Europe highway tag is based on the predominant use and traffic intensity not only based on the highway classification so I (wrongly) assumed that this mapping style can also be applied on USA.

Also there are already somehighway=unclassified on the TIGER import in rural areas so I (wrongly again ) assumed that roads were "unclassified" roads and residential ones (in rural areas) were of another kind of roadsand since there were no "track" I wrongly thought those were how TIGER classified track type roads...

So do you think I need to replace highway = truck (+ surface= gravel) with highway = unclassified + surface= gravel for all major agricultural roads (like the one linked in my diary)?

Numeri civici d'Italia..quanti ne dovrebbe mappare ciascuno di noi? 7 months ago

ciao hydrogen2oxygen ho pensato anche io in passato ad una cosa del genere ma non avendo alcuna capacità informatica l'avevo lasciato a livello di concept. teoricamente un metodo come quello suggerito da te è utilizzato da google per trovare gli indirizzi pur non avendoli segnati tutti sul proprio database. Molti mappatori ho visto mappano segnando solo i civici agli incroci oppure usano il tag per l' questi casi il trovare una posizione con interpolazione pesata alla densità degli edifici potrebbe migliorare di molto l'output del risultato di ricerca dell'indirizzo...purtroppo però non è possibile inserire gli elementi così ottenuti su introdurrebbero degli errori notevoli e difficili da correggere... fammi sapere come procede lo sviluppo del tuo programma ;)

Sentinel-2 satellites imagery can be used for OSM 8 months ago

Hi Pieren, I was thinking the same thing but only for better visualize the buildings in the "third world" countries where the houses's roofs are usually in metallic material and the rust make them very hard to see in the visible band . So these images could be very usefull also for the HOT project. I don't know if a mention on the wiki is enought...probably it is better to ask :)


Hi Odokun Ezekiel Haruna, I can help but only in remote with Bing Aerial Imagery

Regards, Aury88

Chi sono 9 months ago

Mi spiace, ma l'utilizzo di Google Streetview per inserire dati in OSM è severamente vietato, infatti la licenza sotto cui è vincolato l'utilizzo dei servizi di Google Streetview non sono compatibili con quello del db OSM ...teoricamente dovresti rimuovere quindi tutti i dati inseriti grazie alla consultazione di questo ed altri servizi di google. Comunque le mappe delle città da te elencate mi sembrano molto ben fatte; Complimenti

Appunti sulla situazione attuale a Gela Nord-Ovest 11 months ago

Errore mio ed anche più grave di quanto possa sembrare. highway=track non è inteso per le strade sterrate ma per le strade ad uso prevalentemente agricolo o forestale. lo sterrato o meno lo si segnala con il tag surface, tag applicabile a tutte le highway. Il tag highway da indicazioni sullo scopo/importanza di una strada, non sulla sua pavimentazione. errore di gioventù ;)

We can no longer go on like this 11 months ago

why not send a warning to some "local mentors" when particular types of elements are modified/deleted by an user with low number of edits? I think for example that relation is the more difficult element to understand by a novice (I made big error twice when I was a 100 edit-mapper ) so if a new user deletes or changes a relation a warning is sent to him and if he saves a warning is sent to the "local mentors" with the critical changed element list (and possibly an easy way to visualize the change and revert element per element). This list of element can also comprehend boundaries, coastline etc etc I agree that one of the critical points of the project is the lack of tools to track and easily visualise changesets and the integration of QA tool in online editors. also I totally agree with Skippern suggestions

Presentazione 12 months ago

Benvenuto su OSM e complimenti per il lavoro fatto a Santa Severina! veramente ben fatto.

Mappatura della Tesla Motors about 1 year ago

add all remaining Tesla charging stations in Europe

evolution of the map about 1 year ago

Ok, thank you guys!


evolution of the map about 1 year ago

Hi lasstmichinruhe. how do you create this animation? I use screenshot in various times and an image editor (i.e. Gimp or Photoshop) but I'm searching some new way (possibly automated ) to doing this type of things.

regards Aury88

Mappatura della Tesla Motors about 1 year ago

@AndiG88 Of course! The TM charging stations will be the next elements I'll map ;) Thank you for the urls.

Caudinia, ovvero: progetto per un piccolo mondo sconosciuto over 1 year ago

Molto bello il sito e come hai integrato la mappa. Complimenti vivissimi. non vedo l'ora che il sito venga completato ;)

Secondo me potresti proporlo ai comuni interessati; hanno tutto da guadagnarci. ciao, aury