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The story of the oldest node in OSM. about 1 year ago

Remember that there were no changesets back in 2005, so it wasn't really the "fourth changeset ever" so much as the 4th artificially-created changeset at the point we created them (in 2009).

Also, most of the low-numbered nodes have been used and re-used a number of times, usually because of badly-executed bulk uploads using them instead of using new node ids. Then someone has to move everything back and/or delete the bulk upload.

Presentation of highway links about 1 year ago

It's a bug in the stylesheet, and it's being worked on.

Openstreetmap? More like Openwoodmap on low zoom levels over 1 year ago

Rather than leaving comments on a duplicate ticket, it would be good to have people trying out solutions! It's not going to fix itself and it won't get fixed by people making comments either.

What's up with the GPS traces? almost 2 years ago


White Sands Missile Range almost 2 years ago

Don't worry too much about the stripes on the map, I expect them to change at some point. Most people interpret the red-stripey bits as danger areas, when they could (for example) just be parade grounds or barracks. I intend to change the rendering so that only danger areas get the danger stripes, and other military landuses will get a bit more subtle rendering.

Doesn't affect your tagging, but I thought I'd mention it since you are interested in this stuff.

An abandoned outdoor movie theater in Desert of Sinai, Egypt about 2 years ago

Please don't use "abandoned=yes" (or disused=yes etc). This is a bad tagging practice.

It's not a cinema, so you should not use amenity=cinema either.

More on Land Use Tags over 2 years ago

As a quick note - you probably mean "median" rather than "medium" - see

Also, I'd advise caution on the use of the "village green" tag with regards to things that clearly aren't. The wikipedia definition gives some idea - but it's a long stretch to consider a highway median as somewhere to meet, graze livestock in olden days and (especially for the english) enjoy a refreshing pint while watching a casual game of cricket.

The Great DC Parking Lot Cleanup of 2013 almost 3 years ago

Nice work Aaron, good writeup too.

Why does MapQuest call it British Colombia? about 3 years ago

I guess it's either outdated OSM data, or more likely, a mistake in a Natural Earth dataset that they are using. If you zoom in on the BC/Alberta border and check the data layer, you'll see they aren't using the OSM boundary.

My experience with an NHD import and my thoughts on imports over 3 years ago

Bravo, probiscus. I hope you manage to convince other importers to help increase the user base and OSM community instead!

Single Point of Failure over 3 years ago

Rovastar - that's not true, there's are a group of sysadmins, all with the same access levels.

There's also difference between "single point of failure" and "single point of authority". We try hard not to have any single points of failure (e.g. someone who knows a password where nobody else does) but there will always be single points of authority - e.g. someone who is the maintainer of a piece of software, or the chair of a working group, or whatever. Not a dictator, just someone who makes the final decision if consensus can't be found any other way. And of course, in a volunteer organisation there are some tasks that only one person is willing to do - a "single point of enthusiasm", perhaps.

All of these things pose different challenges. Bundling them all together makes for better blog posts, but doesn't help solve any genuine problems.

topographis problem about 4 years ago

I have a new source of height data for OpenCycleMap, which I'll hopefully be adding over the next few months. That should fix places like this, where the SRTM data was missing and the 'void filling' gives bad results.

I'd have it live already, but I've been delayed by dealing with hardware upgrades, hardware failures and surges in traffic. But I'll get there!

ODbL about 4 years ago

It's not under the new license yet - that's still to come. What has happened is the database has been moved to the new server.

Why no default frequency for powerlines? over 4 years ago

OpenStreetMap generally has the concept of "default" values, to save everyone time and effort. One example would be that if there's no oneway tag on a road, it's assumed to be two-way.

You can take the same approach to frequencies on powerlines. Perhaps life is too short to worry about tagging every powerline in Europe with the frequency - simply tag the (presumably very few) examples where this is not the case. As Sanderd17 said, when people use the data they can set sensible interpretations for when the frequency tag is missing.

bicycle=no ? : Tag it as it is on the ground over 4 years ago

I'm with Chaos on this one.

Introducing Team Surrey over 4 years ago

Great to hear about the progress on this - would love it if you can keep everyone up to date with how you all get on.

Getting ready to pack my bags and leave OSM over 4 years ago

maxolasersquad: see

My Mappy Christmas over 4 years ago

The google maps charges are per map view as counted by loading their javascript library - so if you keep loading their library, that counts as a chargeable page view regardless of the tiles.

I think Google (quite rightly) see loading their api, which contains tiles, hooks for geocoding, streetview etc as the main thing to be concerned about.

How Many Times Must a Man Delete Something That Isn't There? over 4 years ago

If it's not there, then feel free to delete it. We're not trying to record the former positions of everything that ever has been!

If people keep re-adding it, either manually or via imports, then take them to task about it. Nobody should be adding stuff to OSM unless they know that their data is correct.

Moving bus stops over 4 years ago

You move it!