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Project Drake - mapping the University of Cambridge over 6 years ago

Hi David,

I'm the maintainer of OxPoints, and it's great to see you doing similar stuff. Here's a bit more about what we've been up to.

For OxPoints we've put together a CC0 set of entrance co-ordinates for buildings so that people can put things on maps without needing to worry about attribution. I've also started adding references to OSM features where possible (e.g. "way/12345"), so that it's possible to use the richer geospatial information in OSM in alongside all the other metadata we have. For example, contains both OxPoints data and data pulled from OSM, represented as WKT.

I've also started tracing buildings from Bing in OSM where they don't already exist (mostly some Worcester and Magdalen College buildings, and the University Science Area). By using the links to occupants in OxPoints, we can do cool stuff like

(One of the factors in making this possible is our use of RDF and linked data. We've got stable URIs for each place and organisation part, and we can record arbitrary relationships between them. Using RDF means make it easy to preserve the semantics of each bit of information, which in turn makes it easy to add new serializations.)

If you're interested, there're some other people that are modelling and recording this kind of organisational and building information that hang out on the buildingdata list (

Good luck with your mapping! By the looks of it your tagging schema would be of particular use in recording the vagaries of some of our places (quads and staircases still don't fit into our model very well). I'll keep watching with interest.