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Improving interaction between OSM and academic communities 3 months ago

It is an interesting initiative. There are serious unsolved problems in the GIS domain.

For example, making the OSM map addressable while billions of people do not have addresses because their streets do not have names at all (and will never have).

There were several attempts to solve this problem but we are not there yet. Perhaps a talented scientist is needed to solve it; someone like a mathematician Grigori Perelman. However, such a scientist should be aware of the problem existence in the first place.

Or building an universal up-to-date quality 3D map. The low altitude oblique aerial photography technology is developing very fast and is getting affordable but it is barely used in the OSM. We keep working with satellite imagery which sometimes is quite outdated.

So it's high time for new brave scientific ideas.

Describing Wikidata items with OpenStreetMap tags 9 months ago

It is very interesting. I did not know it. Thank you! From now on I will add OSM tag to Wikidata items where applicable.

Mapping in the least populated area in Germany almost 2 years ago


There are quite a lot of German Wikipedia articles with geolocations around Prenzlau. You can see them with this tool:

At the same time not so many OSM tags wikipedia=de:, wikimedia_commons=Category:, wikimedia_commons=File:, wikidata=

There is a link to a Wikipedia or a Wikimedia resource at the marker. And if there is no photo in a Wikipedia article, it is possible to add one.

For example, I usually add an OSM tag, and also make a ground and an aerial image for an article. Here are some examples:

I wrote this tool o locate Wikipedia and Wikimedia resources for planning mapping and Wikipedia photogrpahy expeditions. It is a way to promote tourism in a region.

mfG A.

Geolocations of Wikipedia articles on the OSM map almost 2 years ago

Search for geolocations of wikipedia, wikimedia_commons, wikidata OSM tags assigned either to nodes, areas, or ways is implemented.

Geolocations of Wikipedia articles on the OSM map almost 2 years ago

k1wi, it is a good idea. Thank you. I've implemented already the display of Wikipedia articles geolocations by the wikipedia and wikimedia_commons tag assigned to a node in the same web-application.

It is a bit more complicated to display a geolocation when the wikipedia tag is assigned to an area or a way. It will try to implement it later.

Geolocations of Wikipedia articles on the OSM map almost 2 years ago

This application uses the Wikipedia API. Actually it is just about 20 lines of code.

I use it to plan expeditions to make ground and aerial photos for Wikipedia articles.

There are other web-applications to find Wikipedia articles geolocations on other maps, but I wanted a clean interface, with the OSM map on the whole screen.

The addressable map of Geneva, Switzerland, project over 4 years ago

Thank you! I improved wording as you suggested.