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open 16357 Adam Martin

According to the Town plan, this is a proposed route to be constructed connecting Lanark Drive to St. Thomas Line. Satellite imagery of the area indicates that, while preparatory work has been initiated in the area, there does not actually appear to be a road in this position. I will need to take a check at the area and determine if there is, in fact, a road in this location.

almost 4 years ago almost 4 years ago
closed 9744 Adam Martin

This location is listed on the Town's municipal as having a park / playground. An inspection of the Bing aerial mapping data indicates that this area has been reduced to a fallow or empty lot. I plan to make a visit to the area for a visual confirmation.

about 4 years ago about 4 years ago
closed 12845 Adam Martin

This area appears to be a fallow or empty lot. This is unusual given the shape and nature of the cul-de-sac. I will need to take a quick visit to determine if there is actually nothing here.

about 4 years ago about 4 years ago
open 12340 Adam Martin

Does not appear to match the satellite data nor have a connection to other water sources. From the data, it would appear to be larger than it is shown here and natural. To adjust later.

about 4 years ago about 4 years ago
open 12338 Adam Martin

This body of water does not have a connection to running water sources and appears to be located on a tract of farmland. It is possible that it is man-made. An inspection is needed.

about 4 years ago about 4 years ago

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