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Mapproxy for Danish Geodata Agency aerial imagery over 1 year ago


I have no idea how to add imagery DK for the GitHub (iD editor) XML file. I have incl. it for JOSM -

So if some one can figure out how to incl. this it would be lovely - BTW watch out it's different URL syntax for different editors.

Best regards Soren Johannessen

Mapproxy for Danish Geodata Agency aerial imagery over 1 year ago

Thanks for the JOSM tip - I have now added this mapproxy service on the JOMS page.

Crisis-Mapping over 1 year ago


I have now added the story to the Wiki list regarding media coverage

Best regards Soren, Denmark

3 weeks into connectivity fixing [update] over 2 years ago

Good survey!

BTW - do you have the total lenght of Berlin road network in km?

Wierd stuff with the rendering almost 3 years ago


You will find the answer here

It's because costal line are only rendered after a couple of weeks - So it's not an error you see

best regards AE35

Første dag på OpenStreetMap over 4 years ago

Hej Jens Bo

Ja det var lidt trist det gik ned - Håber du ud fra det udleveret materiale kan lave lidt POIs - så du får hands-on Potlatch 2 værktøjet -


Bycykel Bikeshare over 4 years ago

yeps der er en nøgle og en cykel på udlejningsikonet se her i Tuensensgade - i det udleveret materiale POIs kan du finde syntaks for udlejning