Me discovering iD (JavaScript OSM-Editor)

Posted by -karlos- on 6 January 2013 in English (English)

When I introduced my little touchscreen project "TosmE" to a small Google+ community, I got the fist hint to "iD". It uses JavaScript as I do. With only the name "iD" I asked myselve: Does it support only Apple devices or Android to? Then I read some more about iD:

The main goal is to have an even more new-user-fiendly editor. Well, that mainly depends on the User-Interface. We should find a Usability company who may contribute to OSM by analysing the iD-UI. I hope, next to the newbe-save-edit mode, there will be a speed-edit mode later too.

iD coded in JavaScript will run on almost any actual device, and it will be the only way&relation-editor running on iPad/iPhone/iPod. But only if it includes als a touch interface. And that's what I with TosmE are coding as an prove of concept. May be I could add touch functionality into iD.


I first tested iD on my iPhone: The UI is realy not intented for small screens yet. Then iPad: Better; but no nodes and ways to see and no way to create new once. At last with a notebook: Yes! Setting notes&ways works. The editing feels good, there is much visual help. Not perfect, not cool but functional. Still no existing data yet. May be Overpass could be used there.

Does it realy upload to OSM? I don't want to make my tests anyting bad. Oh, at London I see some public toilets swimming in the Themse, may be iD uses it's own edit server, would be good. Where are informations like that?

Does iD realy need tester at the moment? Therer are so much bad/non functions, you code writer know them yourselve, don't you?

Example: The selector of a tag content goes up and down by cursor-keys, but it doesn't stop at the first/last option, it goes invisilbe into nirvana, but can go back into the visible part. Things like this should be found in module test by the code editor, should't they?

I would like to know how to find the according JS code and how to fix that error, just as an example.

To be continued ...

Comment from Richard on 6 January 2013 at 22:03

You can check out the code at .

The data is from the api06 test server.

Do pop in at the #osm-dev IRC channel on OFTC any time if you'd like to ask any questions about it!

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Comment from -karlos- on 12 January 2013 at 16:45

I had a look into thr code of iD at github. A view modules I understand, others not. First I need an overview of the project. There is plenty of information, IRC, forum, ... I certailnly will have questions, thanks.

On the OSM Wiki I editet the page about iD. All right?

My next step is, to understand and use Dojo myselve. If TosmE works with Dojo, I may be able to merge it into iD.

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