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Android OSM apps almost 4 years ago

OsmAnd is the best.

صباح الخير about 4 years ago

وأنت فاتح خريطة بلدك أو مكان مدينتك هتلاقى زر


فوق أعلى الخريطة...اضغط عليه ستجد ظهور مربعات صفراء داخل الخريطة " هذة هى أحدث الأضافات التى تمت فى بلدك أو مدينتك" أضغط على أى مربع لكى تعرف من الذى اضاف هذا التعديل الجديد فى الخريطة ومنها تقدر تتعرف على الكثير من أبناء بلدك والكثير من الأخوة العرب

والسلام عليكم

صباح الخير about 4 years ago

العرب مش كتيير لأن اللى مهتم بالبرامج مفتوحة المصدر هو بس اللى تلاقيه عارف عن خرائط أوبن سترييت وبيطور فيها

مدخلة about 4 years ago

أهلاً صبر العنزى لو حضرتك تقصد طريقة التعديل فى الخرائط......سهلة أول شئ تروح للمكان المراد تعدليه من الصفحة الرئيسية عادى ثم تضغط


ليتم تحويلك لصفحة تعديل الخرائط. أما عن كيفية التعديل...أول ما صفحة التعديل تفتح بتطلعلك رسالة تقول أهلاً بك هل تريد البدء فى أضافة الأماكن على الخريطة مباشرة وهى

Edit Now

أو التعرف بسرعة عن كيفية أضافة الِأشياء مثل الأماكن والطرق والخ....وهى

ID editor Walkthrough

بتضغط عليها وتتعرف كيف تعدل الخريطة.

ولو عايز شرح مفصل أكتر هتلاقيه هنا

Start up Guide

ولو محتاج أى شئ اسألنى أخى الكريم ولاتتردد

والسلام عليكم..

Hello World! over 4 years ago

welcome Samuel, Hope you enjoy building your country map :)

strange french message Explain please! over 4 years ago

wow :) thanks very much @Pieren

strange french message Explain please! over 4 years ago

thanks for reply :) I was kinda scared that OSM has been hacked or something.

I guess now it's clear to me but for everyone..hmm, you know not all can read french so I think it would be better in English or for more better to show as an avatar like a sad face titled "Server busy, Please come back soon"

anyway.... thanks @Firefishy thanks @Vincent de Phily

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 4 years ago

I think you should contact @Ohr directly.

thanks @rknbg..

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 4 years ago

@Ohr I do appreciate your help...thanks so much. Greetings from Egypt.. Ramez

Great UI over 4 years ago

Welcome back, and Hope you Enjoy building your map :)

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 4 years ago

Great News (^_^) so whether @Ohr "thanks so much" or @Schäuble Michele will fix it (sorry if being leech) but kindly can you teach us "How To?" or the main steps for importing LSIB data to OSM to be kind of reference in the future as I can't find it in Help or WIKI section (Only a small description by @ian29)

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 4 years ago

@alexz thanks for the info, but Egypt-Sudan line is exactly above the 22°N latitude so I think it's a good reference mark while correcting the line!

Mapping different countries, one a day over 4 years ago

WOW! they steal my idea (^_^) that's near of what I was thinking to implement in OSM and discussed it with @SimonPoole Here ..Turning mapping into a real challenge and set levels like editing "2 countries in a day" then "20 countries in a week" or "complete 10 POI near you then 50 then 100" and so on by making adding info. to the map as game levels with account promotions like "newbie member to expert member to elite member...etc" will make people more enthusiast to enhance OSM.

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 4 years ago

thanks @Schäuble Michele for fast reply I've checked the WIKI page and surfed around with CIA WDB II, WIKIMEDIA geographical data sources and found that data is fairly old 1980! also the source doesn't guarantee accuracy, So I've analyzed USA-Canada straight border line there was no wobbling at all also another African Mali-Algeria line and found the same issue so I guess it's common in other countries "a lot in Afica I guess" so You're right manual fixing of such great data would be a real pain but it's good now that the key is importing data to OSM format, The idea is how? "sorry I'm a kind of newbie in that :)" Can you help me in importing such data or I've to contact OSM formally explaining the problem and asking for updating their country boundary database? as country boundaries is kind of critical data or what?

thanks in advance...

Egypt-Sudan Un-correct Border JOSM help over 4 years ago

thanks @dcp I've contacted @Schäuble Michele and hope he will respond soon.. and it's great to see @RedFox has joined our discussion, I hope I've provided enough documentation to you sir to fix the border line or at least learn me how :D

Updated contributor numbers over 4 years ago

Great news and also very informative graphs..thanks very much I have a good experiment on how to increase contributing potential in such open source projects, simply by turning contributing into a challenge cause people loves this and giving prizes for winners! of course not a real prize only a medal or an honor degree under the name of "winner account" seems great,So I suggest turn map editing into a real game and set levels like "if you complete adding your first 50 POI you'll up from newbie to next level" that will make New Users enthusiast to move on and will rapidly increase Monthly Active Contributor number and make people indirectly spread the word as they will wrote in their social accounts the prizes they got like "Hey guys I'm a Trusted Member at OSM" or "I'm on the Top 10 Active OSM Contributor in March" and so on..

finally,I do believe that 2014 will be great for OSM :) and I know it's too late but Happy new year (^_^)

Why the world needs OpenStreetMap over 4 years ago

Nice article, The idea in OSM is to be "as you mentioned" the real wiki map for everyone free and open source (^_^) not a company map which (normally) aims to make money in any way even by collecting your data and selling it to ads providers.