Motorway Motorway
Trunk Trunk road
Trunk12 Trunk road
Primary Primary road
Primary12 Primary road
Secondary Secondary road
Secondary12 Secondary road
Unsurfaced Unsurfaced road
Track Track
Byway Byway
Bridleway Bridleway
Cycleway Cycleway
Footway Footway
Rail Railway
Rail13 Railway
Subway Subway
Tram Light rail and tram
Cable Cable car and chair lift
Runway Airport Runway and taxiway
Apron Airport apron and terminal
Admin Administrative boundary
Forest Forest
Wood Wood
Golf Golf course
Park Park
Resident Residential area
Tourist Tourist attraction
Common Common and meadow
Retail Retail area
Industrial Industrial area
Commercial Commercial area
Heathland Heathland
Lake Lake and reservoir
Farm Farm
Brownfield Brownfield site
Cemetery Cemetery
Allotments Allotments
Pitch Sports pitch
Centre Sports centre
Reserve Nature reserve
Military Military area
School School and university
Building Significant building
Station Railway station
Summit Summit and peak
Tunnel Dashed casing = tunnel
Bridge Black casing = bridge
Private Private access
Permissive Permissive access
Destination Destination access
Construction Roads under construction