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Trace from Florida Ave to Eastwood

Posted by gnumen on 30 June 2014 in English (English)

We walked all the way to Eastwood more than once but this time I took my GTA02 with me to trace the path - from Marsden Rd -> Lawson St -> Brush Rd -> Rutledge Rd -> Eastwood. The usual process of downloading/cache the maps using wifi which required SD card ( went without any glitch. The maps were downloaded using the wifi WPA2(AES). In order to overcome the MAC based pass thru for captive portal of Pfsense entered the MAC addr of netgear in the Pass thru MAC table( risk, I know). BUT when ever the gps is enabled, the GTA02 almost within seconds alarms about low battery which wasn't the case previously but this time only difference that I found was that after every reboot I was not made to configure the SD card and the SD card retained the previous gps traces as well as the map cache(s).. Hmmmm should I call it usual or unusual. I took care of the low battery issue with the Sony cycleenergy Power bank. Don't know why it's behaving in such a manner. ##Some random observation(s)/steps taken - In the flight without the SIM card was able to trace without the battery outage alert for quiet sometime. - After reaching Florida ave the device was not able to retain the battery power even for a day. without GSM sim or any other services disabled. - Placed the sim and replaced the SD card once again.

We came back from Eastwood by Public transport system(BUS) - from Eastwood -> HillView Rd -> Terry Rd -> Marsden Rd

New MapRoulette Challenge: Crossing Ways

Posted by mvexel on 30 June 2014 in English (English)

We created a new MapRoulette challenge over at Telenav: Crossing Ways. As always with the Telenav-generated challenges, this one is US only, because we currently only process OpenStreetMap data for the United States. We are working on extending support for other regions.

TL;DR --> On to MapRoulette!!

The Crossing Ways challenge is pretty straightforward and should make for an easy challenge for novice mappers looking for something to fix. It detects ways that cross, but neither way is tagged as a bridge or tunnel. Here is an example:

Example from MapRoulette

If you open this up in iD or JOSM, you will be able to tell the required resolution from the aerial imagery:


In this case, the ways should be connected as there is clearly an intersection. Another possibility is that there actually should be a bridge or tunnel tag on either of the ways.

In this particular case, you can see that there actually is a node at the intersection, but it does not connect both ways. In JOSM, it displays as a 'skinny node':

Skinny node in JOSM.

In this case, you can use JOSM's 'Join' function (shortcut 'J') to connect both ways. In iD, a node connecting two ways will be grey, and a regular node will be white:

Nodes in iD

If you use iD, you can just drag an existing node to the intersection to snap the two ways together, or drag a virtual node to the intersection to create a new intersection node. (Virtual nodes appear between two existing nodes and allow you to quickly create a new node on a way, an example shown below.)

virtual node in iD

There are currently around 19,000 cases in the US alone, so let's get on fixing these annoying bugs in OSM!

On to MapRoulette!

Gdor. Crespo, Santa fe, Argentina

Posted by VictorPighin on 30 June 2014 in Spanish (Español)

Sobre trazados previos asigno nombres y características a las calles, algunos puntos de interes y caminos vecinales.

Location: Aarón Castellanos, Gobernador Crespo, Departamento San Justo, Santa Fe, Argentina

La Criolla, Santa fe, Argentina

Posted by VictorPighin on 30 June 2014 in Spanish (Español)

Sobre trazados previos asigno nombres y características a las calles, algunos puntos de interes y caminos vecinales.

Location: 9 de julio, La Criolla, Departamento San Justo, Santa Fe, Argentina

Laser Vert ultra puissant Astronomie

Posted by laser100 on 30 June 2014 in French (Français)

pointeur laser vert puissant Caractéristiques du produit

laser vert  puissant

■Le pointeur laser puissant 10000mw qui a un prix raisonable et une haute puissance. ■ Très bonne qualité! Une sortie solide de haute puissance avec une excellente conception de dispersion thermique ■ un mécanisme de réglage de mise au point qui permet de régler la lumière à un état ​​de fonctionnement optimal en fonction de la distance ■ Fonction de foncalisation. Il peut régler la lumière dans le meilleur ètat en fonction de la distance ■ un clé de sécurité peut fixer le bouton d'interrupteur pour éviter la mauvaise opération ■ Le matériel de la coque est en alliage d'aluminum aviatique qui est solide,résistant et faible! ■ Une conception très chic ■ ELe pile rechargeable qui possède une grande capacité et une haute puissance vous permet d'avoir une courant électrique solide avec une haute sortie. ■ ce poineur laser a des faisceaux lasers des différentes couleurs,mais le faisceau vert est le plus lumineux. ■ Ce pointeur laser ultra puissant est livré avec une boîte en aluminium dur de qualité

Location: Eliberării

Making a map of the mappers contributing to mapping parties

Posted by Hawkeye on 29 June 2014 in English (English)

Mapping parties are great fun and it's nice to show how much work the people involved put in.

Maybe we should have some type of a map to do this easily? Well, there's some tools out there already see these questions 1 2.

But these solutions don't quite cut it, and we want a nice customised map. So let's use the new date/attic data features in Overpass API. Video explaining them here.

So let's try it, stick this in your web browser:[diff:"2014-06-23T00:00:00Z"];node(55.877838662652906,-4.343075752258301,55.900317043029,-4.297800064086914);out meta;

This gets all the changes made to nodes in that bounding box between 23/06/2014 to the present time. The query returns osm xml file. So just add '.osm' to the end of the file and load this into JOSM or QGIS and were ready to go, right? Nope, the file isn't a standard .osm file. I couldn't get it to load in JOSM or QGIS. So no problem. Let's convert to GeoJSON. Okay, there's a few ways to do this. OGR2OGR is a command line tool and there's a few javascript osm to geojson libraries. Great, now we a rocking. Ah, hang on one sec. I found it difficult to make these tools retain the 'meta' data - e.g. the userID and name of the user who last modified the feature. And we want the meta data so we can credit people who have made the edits not just show where the edits were made.

I found this tool was easy to download and gave the option for meta data:

Install this at command line:

$ npm install -g osmtogeojson

and try something like:

$ osmtogeojson Anniesland.osm > Anniesland.geojson --flatProperties

Brilliant. We can now stick the .geojson in QGIS or Tilemill and make a map:


...looks like overpass api can be used for some nifty stuff, maybe animated snapshots by hour or days....go play.

Location: Temple, Glasgow, Glasgow City, Scotland, G, United Kingdom

Российско-украинская граница. Авило-Успенка

Posted by lzhl on 29 June 2014 in Russian (Русский)

В связи с событиями на Донбассе возник у меня интерес к российско-украинской границе в OSM. Проверку начал с Азовского моря и дошёл до Авило-Успенки. Российское село Авило-Успенка знаменито тем, что граница между Россией и Украиной проходит прям по нему, отсекая в пользу Украины небольшой кусок на северо-западе (порядка 10 дворов). Эти 10 дворов формально относятся к украинскому посёлку Выселки. Подробности о жизни разделённого села читайте здесь, а я вернусь к картам.

При проверке (в первую очередь сверялся с 250-метровкой ГГЦ и в случае расхождений смотрел ППК и качал генпланы и СТП приграничных районов и поселений) обнаружил, что в OSM граница нарисована неправильно — включает в состав РФ всё село. Я, конечно, исправил, но стало интересно как граница нарисована на других картах.

На украинскую территорию посягают:

Яндекс вместе со своим народом




Публичная кадастровая карта (на всякий случай надо заметить, что на кадастровой карте есть только участки под домами российской части села)

и даже украинский Визиком.

Ну и Спутник с его быстро устаревающими картами из OSM

Уважительно к территориальной целостности Украины относятся:

украинские «Мета карты»

и ГосГИСЦентр.

На генплане Новониколаевского сельского поселения тоже всё как надо.

А вот Бинг вообще не знает про такое село, проблемы границы его не касаются.


Posted by Wampcia on 29 June 2014 in Assamese (অসমীয়া)

Większość tzw "oPen" projektów, jest wielkim oszustwem opartym na zideologizowanym na maxa wykorzystywaniu ciężkiej ludzkiej pracy za darmo ( nawet w przysłowiowych "Chinach" od lat nikt nie zasuwa za miche ryżu ); a wszystko po to by banda kolesi trzymających projekt trzepała kasiorę z dotacji, zbierała pochwały, szczyciła się władzą. Dla mnie jest to złodziejstwo - kradzież ludzkiej pracy, czasu, prądu, zużycia kompa. Tak samo żle życzę OSM jak Wikipedii czy Waze ( choć oni nie ukrywają iż są komercyjni i szukają idiotów )

Save the date - 25th July - ‪#‎MapLesotho‬ mapathon

Posted by DaCor on 29 June 2014 in English (English)

I've been working with some of the guys in Fingal County Council over the last few months on getting OSM going in Lesotho in Africa.

As part of this we are organising a ‪#‎MapLesotho‬ mapathon


25th July 2014


A Mapathon is a coordinated OpenStreetMap indoor mapping event run in various places at the same time.


In conjunction with Action Ireland Trust, a number of Irish OSM members from Fingal County Council traveled to Lesotho for a number of weeks in early 2014 to assist and train regional planners in utilising OSM data.

Another group are planning to travel in early 2015 with the following objectives as part of their visit:

  • Create an OSM community in Lesotho by engaging with local communities and providing training and guidance on surveying and updating OSM
  • Create a basemap of the country for use by all
  • Create an evidence base for decision makers


There will be 2 main tasks created, the first, to map all the buildings, roads, major features etc within larger urban areas. The second task will involve identifying rural settlements and the main routes in and out of those settlements and any major features nearby e.g. rivers.


This mapathon is being organised by Irish OSM members in conjunction with Lesotho members.

We want to have as many people as possible attending the mapathon on 25th July.......many hands make light work.

There are mapathons planned in Lesotho, Ireland, Germany and elsewhere all on the same date so come be part of a truly collaborative effort

Spread The Word

If you are letting people know about the event, use hashtag #MapLesotho and shortlink

Neubau S177 - Update Juni 2014

Posted by HaaseD on 29 June 2014 in German (Deutsch)

Die Fertigstellung der S177 im Bereich Pirna - Bonnewitz - Wünschendorf nähert sich ihrem Ende:

  • Freigabe der Brücke zwischen Jessen und Graupa
  • Wegfall der Anbindung Graupa an S177
  • Wegfall der Anbindung Jessen an die S177
  • Wegfall der Anbindung zur Erddeponie
  • im Bereich der Straße "Zur Schäferei" ist die Neubaustecke bereits asphaltiert
  • "Wildtunnel" im nördllichen Bereich wurde ashaltiert
  • Aufschüttungen zur Auf-/Abfahrt zur S177 bei Wüschendorf
  • Neubaustrecke Bonnewitz - Wünschendorf bereits asphaltiert

Fotos Brücke Graupa - Jessen

Fotos S177 - Bonnewitz - Wünschendorf

Location: Liebethal, Pirna, Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge, Sachsen, Deutschland, Europäische Union

The Art of Maps

Posted by Tuan Ifan Vpy on 29 June 2014 in English (English)

Map is an Art. I didn't know that until I finished mapping all details in Zone A, Phú Mỹ Hưng New City Area, in the Saigon South New Urban area of Ho Chi Minh City.

What fascinates me was the colourful rendering of various areas and items, such as residential zones, schools, rivers and parks. Well, after slow mapping for 2 years and intensive work for 3 days by everyone and me, it turns out to be a piece of art.

Btw, I also draw administrative boundaries to the subdivisions of the Zone A - Phu My Hung. This sounds weird because they are NOT administrative, but they do help proper addresses to render. Further, zone boundaries make it more convenient for users when searching for them in the search box.

Now I know that OPENmapping is not about drawing roads. It brings everything.

Phu My Hung New City Center, Saigon South, District 7

siem plat

Posted by jacobplat on 29 June 2014 in Dutch (Nederlands)

neef van jacob plat

JetBlue Inflight Maps is using OpenStreetMap!

Posted by dalek2point3 on 28 June 2014 in English (English)

On my recent trip to San Diego, I casually started looking at the flight tracker on the JetBlue in-flight entertainment system, and lo-and-behold they were using OSM! And with nice attribution too!

The pictures I got were a little grainy, but the attribution is nicely visible!


Welcome Iceland: streetlist and housenumber evaluations for whole Iceland

Posted by okilimu on 28 June 2014 in English (English)

Streetlist and housenumber evaluations for whole Iceland

On SOTM-EU in Karlsruhe a few weeks ago, a german OSM-Mapper asked for housenumber evaluations about Iceland.

I asked a heavy active OSM mapper in Reykjavik (OSM name: Kjarrval), if he could find out, if a countrywide streetlist or housenumber list would be available from iceland government.

Data Source

After a very short time, he was able to give a positive answer: the Statistics Iceland Government offers a countrywide housenumber list with a relative open license. A little bad news: the license is open enough for the evaluation of osm data, but the housenumbers (including geocoodinates) can't be imported directly.

Missing administrative boundaries, artifical calculated

Unfortunately, the administrative boundaries for the iceland municpalities are very incomplete in OSM. They would be available for import, but up to now, they aren't.

I decided to use the housenumber list above, which have geocoordinates for every address, to calculate artifical admin boundaries, because i need boundaries for my evaluations. On the SOTM-EU, i provided a brief overview for this method in my presentation slides, downable at SOTM-EU Page on the lecture. At the bottom, download 'Presentation slides' and look at Extension 2, starting at page 28.

The calculated boundaries will not be imported into OSM, of course, they will just be imported in my evaluation database, where i usually store a copy of the boundaries from OSM database.

Streetlist evaluation for Iceland

I finished the coding for import at 28.06. and was able to make a first evaluation. The structured view of the municipalities can be viewed at or have a look at the graphical overview.

The first evaluation showed, that the most relative official streets in OSM are in

  1. Hafnarfjarðarkaupstaður (86%) with 280 of 323 streets,

  2. Reykjavíkurborg (83%) with 911 of 1088 streets,

  3. Akraneskaupstaður (82%) with 87 of 106 streets,

and unfortunately with 7 muncipalities, which have not one named street from the official streetlist.

Housenumber evaluation for Iceland

The first evaluation was calculated at 27.06. and i posted the first result for every municipality in the german OSM Forum.

The best 4 municipalities with most relative addresses are:

  1. Seltjarnarnesbær (86%) with 845 of 975 addresses,

  2. Sveitarfélagið Ölfus (79%) with 552 of 698 addresses,

  3. Hafnarfjarðarkaupstaður (77%) with 4220 of 5460 addresses,

  4. Reykjavíkurborg (77%) with 16184 of 20838 addresses.

The table oriented evaluations are available (scroll down to Ísland), for the graphical overview first go the table oriented evaluation of the muncipality and click on the result page at the very top at 'grafische Anzeige'. Sorry for this indirect link, i work on a better integration into the graphical overview at. For example, have a look at Reykjavíkurborg.

Open Issues for Iceland evaluations

Up to now, i have only made one single test for correct sorting of the iceland special characters. I work on it.

The most important issue is to support english language to the housenumber evaluation. I will start on this issue next and hope to have a first version in two weeks from now on.

Questions? Contact me

If you have questions, add a comment below or send a mail to

Greetings Dietmar aka okilimu

Location: 64,959, -18,040

An alternative to /export

Posted by Zverik on 28 June 2014 in English (English)

Have you ever printed a map? Clicked a hundred times on "Export" button on Installed mapnik or maperitive and spent days configuring a database and customizing a style? Did you wish for a simple web service that lets you select a bounding box and produces a hi-dpi raster or vector image? Well, there is one now. It is called Get Veloroad, for a style it was created for.

On the side panel you choose paper format and margins, add a GPX trace if needed, select style ("veloroad" and "" are available), image format, and press "Submit". If the server is not overloaded, you'll get your image in a minute, in glorious 300 dpi. SVG files are postprocessed, so you can easily move labels as a whole, instead of separate letters (the most annoying trait of mapnik-generated maps).

Alas, my server cannot fit all the planet, so there are only Baltic countries and parts of Russia and Finland. Everything is open-sourced though, so I hope soon we'll see a worldwide service for producing high-resolution images.


Posted by Willer on 27 June 2014 in Polish (Polski)


Data that I capture with my phone

Posted by naoliv on 27 June 2014 in English (English)

Unfortunately it's not possible to drive the car and at the same time take notes about streets and places, for example, but it's possible to capture data that can be useful in several projects.

What I am recently using is:

Dados que eu capturo com o celular

Posted by naoliv on 27 June 2014 in Portuguese (Português)

Infelizmente não dá para dirigir o carro e ao mesmo tempo anotar informações de ruas e locais, por exemplo, mas dá para capturar dados que podem ser úteis para vários projetos.

O que ultimanente ando utilizando é:

Anarkali Churidar Online

Posted by Minu Suits on 27 June 2014 in English (English)

Minu Suits is one of the most competent firm in designing world class designer sarees and salwar suits in Kolkata.

Итоги акции "границы СП"

Posted by Xmypblu on 27 June 2014 in Russian (Русский)

Месяц назад завершилась акция по отбору границ сельских поселений из фалов с сайта ФГИС ТП

Итоги акции:

несмотря ни на что - я доволен результатом.

Тема вызвала интерес и несколько участников добавили в мою "коллекцию" границы СП своих регионов.

зелёное - уже отобранные файлы границ, которые можно взять для отрисовки
жёлтое - регион скачали с ФГИС ТП и выложили, но нужно отобрать границы

За месяц акции были загружены и обработаны несколько регионов (список обновляется в первом посте темы)

Но самое главное - я получил прототип скрипта для парсинга ФГИС ТП (по многим и разным причинам, скрипт не публикую).

С его помощью, за неделю были загружены, запакованы в архив и выложены в облако все файлы регионов Дальневосточного федерального округа.

Амурская область
Еврейская автономная область
Камчатский край
Магаданская область
Приморский край
Республика Саха (Якутия)
Сахалинская область
Хабаровский край
Чукотский автономный округДФО

Из этой недели 2/3 времени ушло на упаковку в архив и загрузку в ОБЛАКО

Архивы занимают 66 Гб, часть уже просмотрел, все остальное планирую чуть позже сделать.

Продолжение и изменение формата акции:

Я продолжаю собирать границы СП, но объем скачанного и количество файлов файлов - огромен.

Самую трудную (и нудную) часть акции - загрузка файлов с сайта ФГИС ТП, я могу взять на себя. После чего упакую в архивы и выложу. В обмен - прошу вашей помощи в отборе фалов с границами СП.

Мне требуется помощь в отборе нужных файлов и минимальной обработке - переименование (я беру названия поселений/районов из валидатора) и копирование файлов с границами в папки с названием районов.

Пример, как это должно выглядеть в итоге:АТД/Костромская%20область/

В начале этого года количество границ сельских поселений достигло значения в 1/3, но смотря на текущую динамику - уверен, что до конца года будет отрисована половина границ. И есть шанс, что в следующем году дойдёт до 90-95%

P.S. Про картинку пирога Mapcraft:

В своё время, после прохода "redaction bot", для восстановления данных osmisto был создан пирог на всю страну

Я взял его за основу, "причесал", постарался пронумеровать куски согласно списку из вики и добавил пропущенные регионы:

Республика Адыгея
Республика Ингушетия
Сахалинская область
Республика Крым
и Севастополь

Если вдруг кому потребуется распределить задачу в рамках страны - скачать для своих экспериментов пирог можно тут

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