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Tracking Ituiutaba - Nova Ituiutaba

Posted by Marcos Medeiros on 17 July 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Fazer levantamento por GPS para atualizar bairro nova ituiutaba II

Location: Ituiutaba, Centro, Ituiutaba, Microrregião Ituiutaba, Mesorregião Triângulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaiba, Minas Gerais, Região Sudeste, Brasil

Tracking Ituiutaba - Jardim Europa II

Posted by Marcos Medeiros on 17 July 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Fazer levantamento por GPS para atualizar bairro jardim europa II

Location: Distrito Industrial, Ituiutaba, Microrregião Ituiutaba, Mesorregião Triângulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaiba, Minas Gerais, Região Sudeste, Brasil

Tracking Ituiutaba - Ligação Bairros

Posted by Marcos Medeiros on 17 July 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Fazer levantamento por GPS para atualizar a ligação do bairro são josé com o setor norte

Location: Ituiutaba, Centro, Ituiutaba, Microrregião Ituiutaba, Mesorregião Triângulo Mineiro/Alto Paranaiba, Minas Gerais, Região Sudeste, Brasil

Что можно

Posted by Gre-kow on 17 July 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Яндекс-панорамы нам можно использовать
из статьи "Яндекс.Панорамы и OpenStreetMap"

Microtasking from Disaster Mappers - help needed

Posted by pedrito1414 on 17 July 2015 in English (English)

As part of the planning for mapping South Kivu, the Disaster Mappers (and particularly a guy called Benni) have been developing a new microtasking platform for identifying human settlements and road networks before we go anywhere near the tasking manager.

This has been designed for two reasons. Firstly, so mappers don't have to spend hours scanning through the many, many, many square kilometres of jungle that exist in the province. The second is that, by using a much simpler tool for recognition of features, we hope to be able to engage a whole new audience of collaborators. People that might not want to learn iD - or might only have five minutes to spend. If they can do this painstaking work in a relatively easy (and fun?) way, it leaves mappers to... well, map.

Benni's first try at this was great, but we knew it could be better. We sent it out to the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team list and got some great feedback.

screenshot of the v2 pybossa microtasking platform

Now there is a version 2. Benni says he has taken this about as far as his skills allow and is asking for help to finish it off. If anyone is interested in collaborating on this, please get in touch by leaving a comment or by tweeting at Missing Maps.

Benni has left some comments on what he has done and the challenges he needs help solving on the original feedback form. Source code available via dropbox, here.

F4map Railway Station Minsk

Posted by shrddr on 16 July 2015 in English (English)

Location: Trinity Hill, Центральный район, Minsk, 220000, Belarus

Help us make a logo! (and win tickets to State of the Map 2016!)

Posted by RobJN on 16 July 2015 in English (English)

The State of the Map working group is pleased[1] to announce a call for logo designs. We need your help to build a strong recognisable logo for State of the Map 2016 (SotM) conference taking place in Brussels, Belgium. The conference is the OpenStreetMap Foundation’s annual gathering of the OSM community, interested parties and others.

We’ve put together a Design Brief which outlines what we’re looking for in a logo. Entrants can be an individual or team of people, even a design company.

The deadline for entries is 23:59 UTC (before midnight) on Saturday 15th August 2015 and we can’t wait to see your all your wonderful entries!

Good luck!

On behalf of the SotM WG

[1] In fact we're delighted - this has been something we've done for previous SotM's and it is always amazing to see your logo ideas :-D

garages and mounuvering forcouts k-points and areaisations

Posted by Govanus on 15 July 2015 in English (English)

Fix up data, defang or remove actively broken stuff. Closed 6 days ago by Andrew Chadwick Tags created_by JOSM/1.5 (8586 en_GB) source local_knowledge;Bing;OSM Discussion

Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

ok I just wote a very long essey about the tags that I need left and fetures I need to restore to make the systems I use that rely them to work and the deeaper phlosiphy behind the tags I'd used but moentarilly left the edit box an the text has just all been lost. So I'll try it chunks or put into a diary edit instead. I've been to repair the broken data links but my time is short and the diversion a waste of effort.
Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

ok in chunked formed:-

I intended to promote OSM to the garage management teams of operators like the council, whose then system was relient on google and was so week that it had confusion-making location descrepancies on it.
Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

next chunk:-
I did specific site surveys to collect the marks, numbers and and names on all the garages I've mannaged to put into osm plus other that ran out of time for.
Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

next chunk:-
I use three fields to carry the name or number or assoiciated marks of garages and referances to teach OSM about the offical groupings and blocks used by operators to manage there garages stocks {this was to allow better data services on to the back processing of annotated website maps for customers to pick and find new garages to rent}

Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

next chunk:-
I use name correctly to give things phisicaly marked or written on the garages (in the same way I use the name tag when reley legend or symbols on parking spots {such as Owens Way (Way: ♿ (342095176)) })

A data sorter or renderer can filiter away these names if not requied by selecting out names from garage or parking space features.
There are different common renders that do support named garages while others choose not to use them.
Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

ok next chunk:-
I found some garages such as most Oxford city gargages have postal addresses, oftern with a variation to the name phisicaly on the garage (to avoid confusion with dwellings with similar numbers or names).

So where I can find these I add the appropriate regular address tags, including a addr:housename or addr:housenumber depending which looks most appropriate for the idividual garage [or bay of they ever come up the same way].
Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

next chunk:-
finally I may have access to internal or customer faceing records that carry a referance number or other text string or symbols. These I add to OSM in a normal ref tag; as is normal tag usage.
Comment from Govanus about 1 hour ago

next chunk:-
Now as I use the tags based on the infomation found out about the site: I may have some tags unused where infomation is not confirmed (that might get included when it is found).
...and as the tags are chosen by purpose (not just variation) they may have the same or different values based on real-world usages, of them.
Comment from Govanus 36 minutes ago

next chunk:-
I've foun it usefull to have the HGV Turning head clearly marked on maps as the concreate was originaly relaid with their need in mind, and it helps encorage lorries to use it rather than belive they will need to reverse for meny 100's of meters around tight bends (tighter since some awkward person mistook the road for a car park (originaly a banned process {delivary HGV's ruled}, then ignored by car parkers. Before being allowed in a semi-controled way)), and down a hill with children sometimes out playing too.

This is aspecially trure for those systems that don't render the areas well so not installing confidence into dispatch and drives alike.
Comment from Govanus 20 minutes ago

After a lot of debate there seem to be two settled camps of thought on areaised highways entered into OSM (yes spent a lot of effort trying to the one true path but it isn't there in way I expected).

Some think they should be like other features that get an area=yes tag included to higlight they are area ways and not linear ways. While some think special tags should be used to more easily highlight the relationship between the midway routeing line and the areas by forming a new area:x style tag to form k=area:highway. Sometimes linked with this is the practice of K-nodeing witch which with the right rendering program can developed stop, giveway and simlar features markable on the road (I've been wondering how this works with advanced stop lines that allow bycycles to get to the front of the lights to turn easier accross the taffic flow when its slow or stopped (ithink the secret is in the cycle lane areaising like an L with two effective k-points of natually differing widths),
an example where I've prepared for this is at:-

on the crossroads just outside the King's Arms pub.
Comment from Govanus 14 minutes ago

next chunk:-
So prep the routeing line to give a currently blank(latter to be tagged-up) k-point and then adopt both the area=yes feature method and the area:highway tag system (that will learn to use more of when I look at more on street area details to enter)
this approach is in the wiki along side info on k-points see the links bounceing about oxford high street for more details on this.
Comment from Govanus 2 minutes ago

Finally I've adopted a new highway tag that I explained in a wiki page before using in appropriate places.
this the highway=manoeuvring_forecourt that use for a place that is like a turning_circle, a parking_aisle (service), a driveway (service) and a yard but as it blends the other roles or is enclosed (unlike a parking_aisle (service)) it isn't clearly explaned by any other them individually, and as osm dosn't like me to dump multiple versions of the highway tag into one feature I developed a the new manoeuvring_forecourt to cover it. manoeuvring_forecourt's also oftern have implied parking and loading rules that can be better expressed on a map with some clear differntiation, so I made the wiki page and started to use it. Now I tought of making a type of service but I had thought if turning_circles get top level then so should manoeuvring_forecourt's.
Before you say they aren't supported the Humanitairian renderer dose support them as an all black feature. So they are recognised as a highway type.
Comment from Govanus less than a minute ago

Ok I out of time so I'll fiish up about the indoor problems and lugging a desktop to a public libary to be able to use josm when id and portlatch failed me will be tomorrows continuation.

How to add a relation in OpenStreetMap

Posted by baditaflorin on 15 July 2015 in English (English)

In Romania, we are planning to add the relations for all the national Roads

I made this youtube video-clip to show how easy is to add a relation

Location: Gruia, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

Недельное задание 18: статистика

Posted by edward17 on 15 July 2015 in Russian (Русский)

А на предыдущей неделе мы рисовали Никополь: наносили домики, дороги, железную дорогу и многое другое.

Для координации работы использовался HOT Tasking Manager, задание находится здесь. В данный момент оно выглядит так:

hot tm project

Говорят, зелёный цвет радует глаз. И действительно!..

Процесс выполнения задач показан ниже. График сгенерирован самим HOT TM, это ещё одна его полезная функция.


Вот как изменился город за эту неделю:

Жилые кварталы (в полном размере):


Завод (в полном размере):


Ниже - статистика по изменённым объектам:

statistics statistics statistics statistics

Также было добавлено 26 дымовых труб и 6 километров трубопроводов. Диаграммы для них не сделал, потому что они были бы непоказательными.

Активность участников, то есть количество всех точек, линий и отношений, чья последняя версия принадлежит тому или иному человеку:


В этот раз я снова попробовал привлечь участников, которые не посещают форум. А именно, на сайте ResultMaps: Overview of OpenStreetMap contributors нашёл людей, которые когда-нибудь редактировали OSM в Никополе и пригласил их. Откликнулись Alex308 и trafaretchik, за что им огромное спасибо.

Именно поэтому данное недельное поставило новый рекорд - 10 участников! Раньше было 9.

Согласно информации от ResultMaps, было отправлено 148 пакетов правок, которые содержат более 18 тысяч изменённых объектов. Выглядят эти пакеты правок так:

changesets changesets

Спасибо всем за участие! Что ж, а местным жителям осталось только собрать данные об адресации :)

А в это время: добавляем характеристики автодорог.

Location: Трубников проспект, Никополь, Никопольский городской совет, Днепропетровская область, 53200-53239, Украина

Como acompanhar modificações em uma área

Posted by santamariense on 15 July 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

WhoDidIt Feed

Há já um meio ano que descobri o WhoDidIt Feed, que é uma maneira muito útil de saber por meio de RSS quem modificou o que em uma dada região. Rodo o RSSOwl diariamente e infelizmente sou o único na região que tem mapeado com afinco. Há também um alimentador onde se pode saber de novas notas e outro que se pode saber de novos usuários no OSM, ambos gosto também.

Pois bem, o WhoDidIt Feed falha num ponto: Ele não acusa modificações se elas ocorrerem somente em tags, ou seja, se for modificada, apagada, ou incluída nova tag, sem que se crie ou modifique as coordenadas de um ponto.

Alguém saberia de outra ferramenta que poderia usar para acompanhar isso? Ou até mesmo incluir esta função no WhoDidIt Feed?

Mapping Agricultural areas

Posted by TuanIfan on 15 July 2015 in English (English)

Mapping the landuse items such as farmland and orchards have never been easier since the changes to these keys in OSM. However, it may still be a boring job if you are not patient enough to draw all agricultural zones which are often large and covering several other features like ponds (landuse = basin), house (landuse=residential), roads and meadows for grazing (landuse=meadow). These smaller areas are shown in different colours : orange, blue, gray, white and light green respectively. So, it is not a boring job at all when all of these are uploaded and rendered on the map.

Have a look at this farmland Alloway country south of Bundaberg City, QLD, Australia, which I have mapped in recent 3 days. The hardest challenge has been tagging forests - either natural=wood and landuse=forest, however, i prefer forest for protected areas, while wood are smaller, or riverside woodlands.

Alloway, QLD

Before mapping

After mapping Note: not all of the updates are loaded in this view. Zoom in to see more.

New road style for the Default map style - highway=path is evil

Posted by Mateusz Konieczny on 14 July 2015 in English (English)

changes based on feedback (comments on diary and github):

Reverted highway=footway, highway=path changes and restored currently used version. highway=motorway, highway=trunk rendering will be distinguishable. For oneway arrows old blue version also will be considered.

In addition feedback confirmed that it would be a good idea to: render motorway junction labels in red and rework widths of roads.

Example of current rendering of pedestrian area (left - current rendering, right - proposed new rendering). highway=footway styling was rolled back, but highway=pedestrian/living_street is changed.

pedestrian_living street in bratislava master-_new-road-style 18 18 350px master - new-road-style

Request for a testing place

I am looking for well mapped place where displaying highway=residential on z10/z11/z12 makes sense and is desirable. I am also looking place where rendering highway=unclassified at z10 is a good idea. According to my tests rendering these roads later improves situation, except places with badly mapped road types (highway=residential linking towns etc).

highway=residential rendering starting at z13, instead of z10 (on the right - rendering of minor roads starts later) sao paulo new-road-style-_hide-residential -23 591 -46 5642 350px new-road-style - hide-residential tunis tunisia new-road-style-_hide-residential 36 8481 10 2289 350px new-road-style - hide-residential

z10 without both highway=residential and highway=unclassified (on the right - rendering of minor roads starts later) sao paulo new-road-style-_also-un -23 591 -46 5642 350px new-road-style - also-un chennai india new-road-style-_also-un 13 07886 80 27261 350px new-road-style - also-un

After such change it would probably be a good idea to make landuse=residential darker on z10/z11/z12 to make area covered by settlements clear.

Testing road width

I am experimenting with resizing roads and I would welcome feeedback on these presented versions - what is a better version for highway=residential/living_street/pedestrian? Left or right side? Or maybe both are too narrow/wide?

rural area where highway footway are important narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow prague czech republic narrow-subtle-_narrow 50 0853 14 432 350px narrow-subtle - narrow helsinki finland narrow-subtle-_narrow 60 16827 24 93188 350px narrow-subtle - narrow chennai india narrow-subtle-_narrow 13 07886 80 27261 350px narrow-subtle - narrow bangkok thailand narrow-subtle-_narrow 13 7529438 100 4941219 350px narrow-subtle - narrow sao paulo narrow-subtle-_narrow -23 591 -46 5642 350px narrow-subtle - narrow fully mapped residential area narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow ciudad de mexico narrow-subtle-_narrow 19 4216 -99 0817 350px narrow-subtle - narrow roads with tram lines narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow large area with high road density of many types narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow city with high road density narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow krakow - stare miasto narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow european style town narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow european style city narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow extreme road density narrow-subtle-_narrow 14 14 350px narrow-subtle - narrow

Note - I would welcome examples of well mapped rural areas for testing locations.

highway=path, highway=footway problems

according to

highway=path is a generic path, either multi-use or unspecified usage, open to all non-motorized vehicles. The path may have any type of surface.

This includes walking and hiking trails, bike trails and paths, horse and stock trails, mountain bike trails, ski[disputed] and snowmobile trails[disputed] as well as combinations of the above

It is a big problem for designing rendering. Given that definition from wiki highway=path may be anything from paved cycleway, though paved footway or horse trail to mountain bike trail. Some even include snowmobile trails existing only during winter as acceptable feature to be mapped as highway=path.

yes, wiki mentions that it may be tagged highway=path

For general rendering it would be preferable to have two tags - one for footways/path/sidewalks open for pedestrians and second for weird cariations like mountain bike trails and snowmobile trails existing only during winder rather than currentt situation.

But in reality overhelming majority of highway=path is used to map paths that are not more open to non-motorized vehicles than highway=footway. It also seems that as result of difference in Default map style it is very common to consider highway=footway as paved and highway=path as unpaved. Confirmations/refutations are welcomed as my personal experience is mostly limited to Poland - elsewhere it is mostly guessing based on limited research.

So there are following possibilities that may work:

path/footway difference

  • consider highway=path to be unpaved and highway=footway to be paved (current situation)
  • stop differentiating between highway=path and highway=footway (render both using current styling of highway=footway or highway=path)
  • stop differentiating between highway=path and highway=footway, render them differently based on surface tag
  • invent a new tagging style (highly unlikely that something replacing highway=path/footway would be accepted, but current one may be improved - see for example )

special access on highway=path (cycleways, bike trails, snowmobile routes)

  • consider popular combinations equivalent to already rendered road types (curren situation, for example [highway=path; bicycle=designated] is considered to be equivalent of [bighway=cycleway]), ignore other)
  • detect popular combinations, in addition attempt to detect other special cases and do not display highway=path in such cases (foot=no would cause highway=path to not be rendered, except cases where it would be rendered thanks to fitting one of popular combinations)

I would welcome opinions on these possibilities and other ideas that would work. There possibilities that are not listed here because it would lead to poor results. For example differentiate rendering based on both highway=path/footway and surface value with four different stylings is not something that would work. Special rendering for every special case of highway=path is also impossible with style that is supposed to be usable. Ceasing to detect [highway=path; bicycle=designated] makes no sense.

In addition it may be considered to is to treat highway=bridleway as synonym of highway=path given relatively low importance of that way type and high similarity.

rendering highway=proposed

Related to current road restyling - see that contains proposal to stop rendering highway=proposed (in that case comments should be posted on github issue).


rendering highway=road

I am not sure how to display this road type. In some way that it would make clear that it should be changed to proper highway type? But it would make the map ugly. But maybe in situation like that it is acceptable?

Attempt to guess what is the most common proper type and render it in this style or close to it as it done currently? But it breaks The Mapper Feedback Loop, also it result in a confusing map where something that resembles highway=unclassified/residential may be anything.

Stop rendering of highway=road? Provided feedback is "you should not use this tag". It also would be highly confusing, this time for people editing map.

accepted changes

Next pull requests related to clutter on clutter around z10 were merged: start displaying minor rail from z13, fixes #1645 #1647. As result railway=rail ways with service=yard/siding/spur are no longer rendered on z11 and z12.

rail - moscow before after

Stop displaying really small zoos and theme parks After that change smaller ones will appear later and bigger on earlier zoom levels (before/after with current road styling).

In the next post, planned on Thursday (16 VII) I will show how trunk/motorway may be differentiated and proposed rendering of unpaved roads (EDIT: unfortunately this post will be delayed).

Organizing Malls and Medical Centres.

Posted by Excuit on 14 July 2015 in English (English)

Hi together,

I was updating the buildings in my home town and I came across two institutions that made me request a change for handling buildings that are centres for shopping (small scale) or medical purposes.

We have a medical centre just around the corner - a big house with 5 floors and fairly small medical businesses like dentists, optometrists, orthopaedics or just medical doctors. There is no sense in drawing every single doctor into that building - despite not being able to differ between the several floors.

But would it be possible to make a list? A list of doctors on every floor that appears after I click on the medical centre? I would like to write down what clinics can be found in that centre, but right now I'd only be able to create multiple markers that would make the whole thing very hard to understand.

Thanks for helping out.


Mark Waypoints on OSM

Posted by PeterGiant on 14 July 2015 in English (English)

I have been cycling in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey in the summer, and off course water is essentiel. Therefore I have made a waypoint everytime I met a water source, but how do I transfer it to OSM?

Thanks in advance


Potlatch without Flash

Posted by Amaroussi on 14 July 2015 in English (English)


Question for the developers: how will Potlatch be prepared for the day when Adobe Flash finally disappears from the webscape?

Thanks in advance.

ArtikelCara10 - Tips Trik Blog

Posted by Arrhy on 14 July 2015 in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Menyajikan Berbagai Tips dan trik, how tos, aplikasi android, games, software, windows tutorial, linux tutorial dll. Semua Ada Disini. Buat Aplikasi Android Tanpa Skill Coding Trik cara nelpon menggunakan koneksi Internet gratis dari pc Visit

Outreachy - Week Seven

Posted by Arushi Vashist on 14 July 2015 in English (English)

Dear all,

Here is my weekly update on my Outreachy project.

#Week No: Seven

##Target Milestone: Python Tags, Mockup edits, Survey results, Content

###Summary: OSM and HDM Tags were created in python, the survey results of the OSM Export Tool was analyzed, Mockup was given touch-ups and content for Help Wizard was created.

Is there an app for creating notes?

Posted by NotEs2 on 13 July 2015 in English (English)

Does anyone know of an Android app that will take my location and let me add a note there? My planned use is to go biking/walking through local strip malls and take down information on each store.

Microsoft Hyperlapse & Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile

Posted by d1g on 13 July 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Microsoft Hyperlapse может сократить 3-6 часовые записи с видеорегистраторов в 2-25 раз и автоматически вырезать места ваших остановок. Из скучных и дрожащих видео получаются очень быстрые обзоры местности.


  • экономит время и стабилизирует экран
  • скучные части видео пропускаются автоматически


Т.е. не получится витрины отмечать по ускоренному видео, для OSM нужно ещё оригинальное чтобы детали на любой секунде рассматривать.

Описания приложений и ссылки для скачивания:

iOS нет, но Android версия есть во всех версиях программы

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