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Posted by masarap on 20 July 2014 in Japanese (日本語)

OSMをgarmin用のimgで配布してくれる方がいる。 非常に便利



amenity=public_building name=東京特許許可局

があったならば.... "tokyoutokkyokyokakyoku" 読むの辛い

あれをコピーして、あんなんやら、こんなんやらして、 日本語表示のimgを作った。 まだまだカスタマイズが必要だけれど、とりあえず日本語が表示されている。



Posted by masarap on 20 July 2014 in Japanese (日本語)

OSMをgarmin用のimgで配布してくれる方がいる。 非常に便利



amenity=public_building name=東京特許許可局

があったならば.... "tokyoutokkyokyokakyoku" 読むの辛い

あれをコピーして、あんなんやら、こんなんやらして、 日本語表示のimgを作った。 まだまだカスタマイズが必要だけれど、とりあえず日本語が表示されている。

しかし、ローマ字も視認性が悪いが、老眼の進んだ者にとっては、ちっちゃい漢字も視認性が悪い 姫路城


Posted by masarap on 20 July 2014 in Japanese (日本語)

OSMをgarmin用のimgで配布してくれる方がいる。 非常に便利



amenity=public_building name=東京特許許可局

があったならば.... "tokyoutokkyokyokakyoku" 読むの辛い

あれをコピーして、あんなんやら、こんなんやらして、 日本語表示のimgを作った。 まだまだカスタマイズが必要だけれど、とりあえず日本語が表示されている。

しかし、ローマ字も視認性が悪いが、老眼の進んだ者にとっては、ちっちゃい漢字も視認性が悪い 姫路城

JOSM graphics contest

Posted by don-vip on 19 July 2014 in English (English)

JOSM needs your support! The developer team of the editor JOSM is looking for a new logo. Therefore we're holding a graphics contest.

  • What's it about? The current logo should be replaced completely by your design. It will be used in the software itself, on the website and in various other media related to JOSM.

  • Why do we need a new logo? Presently, we are still using the old OSM icon from 2011. Instead of a slight revision, we would like to abandon the concept "OSM-logo + coffee mug" and find a new, independent identification for the project.

  • What are the rules? Everyone can participate. You can submit your work till 30th of September 2014 to contest at The image should be in vector format (SVG) and still look okay at low resolution (16x16 pixel). You can find further details on the wiki page:

We are looking forward to your contribution!

Paul & Vincent (for the JOSM team)

¿Te gustaría ganar dinero haciendo publicidad desde tus redes sociales?

Posted by David Vicente on 19 July 2014 in Spanish (Español)

Hola amigos! Hoy me gustaría dejar esta información de una nueva empresa que esta cambiando la vida de muchos Españoles y en todo el mundo, una empresa legalizada hace 4 meses en España y distribuida en mas de 50 paises, queremos invitarte a unirte a nuestro equipo, donde te aseguramos que tus ingresos no tendrán limites.

Visita nuestro blog en

Te esperamos ;)

Oportunidad de Negocio

Posted by David Vicente on 19 July 2014 in Spanish (Español)

Hola, me gustaría invitar a todos los emprendedores de la página OpenStreetmap a una nueva oportunidad de negocio aquí en España y distribuida en mas de 50 paises que viene pisando fuerte, una oportunidad para todo el mundo con o sin experiencia que quieran iniciarse en el mundo del Marketing Multinivel llamado en siglas (MLM) a esta gran empresa llamada Wishclub. Somos un equipo de Líderes que trabajamos y nos esforzamos día a día a alcanzar nuestros objetivos y siempre apoyando a nuevos emprendedores que deseen formar parte de nuestro equipo. En esta empresa podrás generar ingresos de 6 formas diferentes, entre ellas, tan solo haciendo publicidad desde tus redes sociales podrás llegar a ganar desde 100 a 2000€ al mes, y aún tienes mas formas de ganar dinero. Si quieres ser uno de ellos visitanos en donde podrás registrarte en la empresa y donde podrás empezar a ganar mucho dinero.

Hello, I would like to invite all entrepreneurs of OpenStreetmap page to a new business opportunity here in Spain and distributed in more than 50 countries that is going strong, an opportunity for everyone with or without experience who want to enter the world Multi Level Marketing in call letters (MLM) to this great company called Wishclub. We are a team of leaders who work and strive every day to achieve our goals and always supporting new entrepreneurs who want to join our team. In this business you can generate income 6 different ways, including just advertising from your social networks you can get to earn from 100 to 2000 € per month, and still have more ways to earn money. If you want to be one of them visit us in where you can register at the company and where you can start making a lot of money.

Passage du Chanois

Posted by Voldemars on 19 July 2014 in French (Français)

Je m'apprêtais, ce soir là, à tracer le Passage du Chanois. Il faisit nuit. Une nuit noire et épaisse bien que l'on pouvais presque distinguer encore quelque veine de ciel bleue entre les nuages.

Je m'y étais pris bien tard car, tandis que je m'approchais de la place surplombant le passage, je me rendis vers le coin qui semblait entamer le petit chemin.

Un vrai tour noir. La place avait ses reverbères mais leur portée s'arrêtait juste devant ce couloir opaque. Je laissais mes yeux s'exercer à cette obscurité et il me semblait distinguer des marches d'escalier. Impossible de m'y attarder toutefois car l'image m'échappait aussitôt qu'elle apparaissait tant l'ombre était dense et ravalait vite tout ce qui fuyait.


J'entrepris leur descente avec beaucoup de précaution. Après la première marche, la pénombre me caressait déjà comme une brume légère. Lorsque je dépassai la deuxième marche, cette sensation pris de plus en plus de consistance. J'eus la sensation d'un brouillard enveloppant, tellement dense qu'il semblait comme une barbe à papa, il s'accrochait dans les cheveux, restait collé sur mon visage. Je tentais de me débarbouiller mais il en venait encore.

Puis tandis que je me débattais, une voix s'exclama, flegmatique:

_ Oui c'est l'obscurité, ici on voit rien et du coup l'ombre est très épaisse.

Je ne pus evidemment trouver la provenance de cette voix. Elle avait l'air proche et semblait se rapprocher du sol. Mon interlocuteur était probablement assis sur une marche plus bas.

_ Ah d'accord c'est pour ça alors, répondis-je.

Il ne me répondit pas mais il me sembla distinguer un assentiment rauque venant de sa gorge.

_ Bon bah du coup c'est pas pratique alors je vais rentrer.
_ Ok, salut.
_ Salut.

A beautiful new routing metric

Posted by ndm on 18 July 2014 in English (English)

To all recklessly editing newbies

Posted by Jedrzej Pelka on 18 July 2014 in English (English)

Why using a new tag without reading its wiki page before?

Making OSM more widely known

Posted by NZGraham on 18 July 2014 in English (English)

Quite often I have been 'spotted' while out mapping and have got into conversations with local business owners. I want to allay their suspicions when they see me wandering along service alleys and taking photos of their premises. I explain what I am doing and tell them a bit about OSM mentioning that I will be adding their business details to the map.

Once I have done the editing and seen the results show up on the map I usually email the business and send them a link to the appropriate part of the map. I also mention that their details will appear on "Osmand – the associated Android app"

Does anyone else do this?

In my email should I be saying something like "OpenStreetMap -the free, open source, alternative to Google Maps" or is that perhaps being too pointed?

What about referring to embedding OSM on their website if they have one? I've generally avoided this as I'm not tech savvy enough to answer any questions which may arise.

Suggestions, comments welcome!

Spatially Sound - Temporally Challenged ;-)

Posted by Shawn Day on 18 July 2014 in English (English)

So, to simply put it out there - Twitter doesn't lie - decided to make a dry run to Fingal County Council to participate in the Lesotho Mapathon. Found the right place to be, just managed to be off by a week. Ahhh I know the bus route, the peculiarities (ie where the stop request button is - where to get some porridge) and all set to be there next week. Looking forward to some African mapping.

Location: Main Street, Swords, Fingal, County Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

India Villages

Posted by MapMakinMeyers on 17 July 2014 in English (English)

Alt text

Opening Hours

Posted by mvexel on 17 July 2014 in English (English)

Mapping opening hours correctly can be a pain; the format for the opening_hours key can be hard to remember. I didn't use to do it much for that reason. Until I recently discovered that there's a JOSM plugin for that! It works really well, let me show you how I added hours of a local restaurant in seconds.

First, of course, make sure you have the plugin installed:


Then, select the thing you want to add opening hours for:


And select 'Edit Opening Hours' from the Data menu (or use the keyboard shortcut).


If the plugin detects an existing opening_hours tag, it will offer to edit that, or you can create it. It will then offer a graphical interface for setting the hours:


You can move and drag blocks as you would expect. The plugin will parse it in the expected format. A nice little extra is that it supports the 'open end' hours in the format 17:00+ - useful for places that don't have a set closing hour but instead say 'open till late' or something similar.

Perhaps old news to y'all, but it made me happy :)

A Word Of Caution

Several people have pointed out (link is to the German forum) that the plugin is limited in what it can do. It will not cover most complex cases, like exceptions for public holidays and month to month variations) and does not seem to properly cover some of the simpler cases.

I still feel that it is good for a lot of basic opening hours tagging, but please review the opening_hours specification.

There is also a validator tool that I don't quite understand how to use, perhaps someone can explain in the comments?

Liegenschaftskarten ftw!

Posted by yalla on 17 July 2014 in German (Deutsch)

Also wer wie ich schon mal wie doof eine fehlende Hausnummer gesucht hat - und in NRW wohnt - sollte sich einmal die WMS-Layer der vektorisierten Liegenschaftskarten [1] ansehen. Das ist wirklich, wirklich praktisch.

  1. WMS NW ALK VEKTOR now has OSM-powered bike routing for Western Europe

Posted by Richard on 17 July 2014 in English (English)

I've been working on this for a while and am delighted to be able to unveil it!, my OSM-powered cycling site, now has bike routing for Western Europe: France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the UK and Ireland.

You can try it at

It's built with (patched) OSRM and a complex custom profile. It takes account of elevation, cycle routes, surface quality and more. All routes are fully draggable; you can export to GPX, TCX, and PDF, and save routes if you create an account. The cartography is specially designed for the site.

Here's a ride along the Rhine:

Rhine cycleway

Or if you fancy cycling over Mont Ventoux:

Mont Ventoux

Routing details

If it doesn't follow a route you'd expect it to take, this is usually because surface tags are missing.

For example, here in France, the canalside path is tagged as 'highway=path' with no surface tags. guesses that paths in rural areas have poor quality surfaces, so will try not to route along them. Adding a 'surface=gravel' tag to this path, which the aerial imagery suggests, will make the router like it. (Access tags are also good.)

Miscellaneous notes

  • The tileserver is a little slow - please be gentle!
  • There are occasional inconsistencies in the tiles - old styles that haven't refreshed yet.
  • You can't route between the UK and mainland Europe (there's a big lake in the way. Only Chris Froome is allowed to cycle through the tunnel and look how far it got him)
  • I'm planning on weekly updates but it'll be less often at first.
  • Known issue with highway=trunk, bicycle=yes getting undue prominence.
  • Known issue with fahrradstrassen/fietsstraten not being prioritised.
  • You can switch from miles to km if you create an account and set user preferences. It'll be a bit smarter about defaulting to km for Europe soon, but I need to do a bit of work to enable that. Edit: Now defaults to km for routes in Europe.

Still lots to improve but I hope you like it - and, as ever, thanks to all the mappers who have contributed all the lovely data.

You can post comments/bugs/suggestions here, of course, or on the site forum itself.

Experimental Overpass attic support in Achavi (augmented change viewer)

Posted by ikonor on 17 July 2014 in English (English)

achavi screenshot

As you might know, Overpass API has a new "attic data" feature (see Overpass API v0.7.50 almost done and SotM EU workshop). It allows to query for augmented changes by date range and bounding box. I'm very excited about this, because it now really makes sense for visualizing updates in an area, while iterating over minutely augmented diffs was a bit of an overkill. So I couldn't resist and made a hack to utilize this in Achavi:

Zoom in to your area of interest and press load to see changes within the last 24 hours. For continuous monitoring bookmark the Permalink and simply press load each time, the last load date will be preset as start date.

The old version will probably be replaced once the attic database is rebuilt. Code is in the attic branch (only for the brave).

Many thanks to Roland for implementing the attic feature!


There also is an experimental feature for visualizing changesets:

  • drag & drop a changeset link onto the map
    (e.g. URL from changeset page or changeset link from WhoDidIt feed)
  • or use "changeset" URL parameter (optional "&relations=true"),
    e.g. .../achavi/?changeset=24168261

Load URL or file

Augmented diff files - i.e. the result of a custom attic adiff query - can also be loaded:

  • drag & drop local file onto the map
  • or pass the URL to a file as "url" parameter,
    e.g. /achavi/?url=http://.../charging_stations.xml
    This example is an uploaded result of the following query selecting updated charging stations for the recent Wochenaufgabe (en: Project of the week):[adiff:"2014-07-01T00:00:00Z","2014-07-14T24:00:00Z"];((area["name:de"="Deutschland"];area["name:de"="Schweiz"];area["name:de"="Österreich"];);node["amenity"="charging_station"](area);>;);out meta geom;

Note that the url feature is somewhat limited due to cross-origin security constraints.


  • attic data goes back until September 2012 (license change)
  • inconsistencies in old attic data (before June), there will be a database rebuild to fix
  • smaller bounding boxes (>= z15) take a couple of seconds, while larger can take one or two minutes or may time out, esp. with relations
  • only basic support for Relations in Achavi, thus disabled by default, check 'relations' to include
  • Achavi as a whole is still alpha
  • live update feature is removed for now, probably makes sense to separate. Has anybody been using this?
  • ...


Unsure. Right now, there is other stuff I want to get on with. And before adding any more new features, some major refactoring should be done and probably switching to Leaflet.

Of course there is a lot to improve and there are many ideas, e.g.

  • having the textual list of changes of Roland's demo combined with the drill-down summary of Frederik's "Cool Name Goes Here" (WIP), both interacting with map visualization.
  • another idea was to somehow integrate the change visualization into Overpass Turbo to filter changes with your own attic queries, perhaps along with some custom MapCSS styling.
  • highlight only changed segments, esp. for long ways (landuses) and relations
  • ...

Welcome !

Posted by lib2know on 17 July 2014 in English (English)

Welcome to my OpenStreetMap Blog !

These are my very first contributions on OpenStreetMap. Thanks for any hint to improve my mapping!

My first two sessions were just details like buildings, amenities and shops. Even a few very tiny paths and streets which are not obvious on the satellite pictures. Especially shadows of the late afternoon sun and trees hided them.

Very funny: 216 changes now! My initial idea was just to add the restaurant Prat Gran in La Massana where Andorra's weekly Linux meeting is located:

If there is any Andorran mapper out there, or a mapper is willing to visit our little country, please send me a message :-) English, Catala, Spanish, German emails will be understood. cheers lib2know

Estrela de Alagoas - Alagoas - Brasil

Posted by Bonix-Mapper on 17 July 2014 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Marcando vias por satélite

Continuei a marcar vias em zonas rurais baseado nas imagens de satélite.

Uma grande via que passa por dois vilarejos diferentes muda de nome.

Enquanto estiver apenas marcando deixarei como não-classificada.


  • 1828 - ( 17/07/14 00:14:01 BRT )

Fictional cartography and trap streets

Posted by ndm on 16 July 2014 in English (English)

Interesting article on fictional cartography and trap streets:

Konfession korrigieren

Posted by cMartin on 16 July 2014 in German (Deutsch)

Es ist mir in Jena und Ilmenau durch meinen Stadtplan schon aufgefallen: Oft sind evangelische Kirchen als evangelikal getaggt. Vermutlich liegt es an der Ähnlichkeit des deutschen und englischen Begriffs, jedoch stimmt es in den allermeisten Fällen nicht. Richtig wäre denomination=lutheran, protestant oder reformed.

Wie ausgeprägt das falsche Tagging ist, zeigt diese Overpass-Abfrage. Evtl. sollte jeder mal die Kirchen in seiner Gegend überprüfen. Ein pauschales Umbenennen sollte nicht vorgenommen werden, da es tatsächlich auch einige evangelikale Gotteshäuser gibt.

Location: Am Stollen, Ilmenau, Ilm-Kreis, Thüringen, Deutschland, Europa
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