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Amsterdam N.Y.

Posted by Keiler Mark on 13 May 2015 in English (English)

I added Nana's Bakery, H&R Bank, MCT bank,The Book Hound, and a playground.

Location: Front Street, City of Amsterdam, Montgomery County, New York, 12010, United States of America

The Earthquake in Nepal

Posted by Keiler Mark on 13 May 2015 in English (English)

Yesterday I found a supposed well and a bunch of open land in Kathmandu. Today I found two more wells and some farmland.

Location: Balkumari, Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Bagmati, Central Development Region, 8061, Nepal

We are helping the white house.

Posted by MaxwellA on 13 May 2015 in English (English)

please leave me alone david

OSM trip

Posted by aleene on 13 May 2015 in English (English)

Did a small trip in the Dévoluy yesterday in order to find some OSM objects.


Added a lot of guideposts with hiking, mtb and bicyle info. Been careful to tag the purpose of the guidepost, i.e. hiking, bicycle or mtb. So they will turn up if you do the right query.

Destination Signs

For all guideposts I added relevant destination signs and corresponding relationships. Also added the purpose tags, i.e. mtb or hiking

Speed limits

All the relevant speed limits have been added


A long part of my trip followed a bicycle route. Still incomplete, but I added it anyway.

OpenStreetMap api for Android Application Development

Posted by susan812 on 13 May 2015 in English (English)

The OSM APIs themselves are RESTful APIs, you can interact with them using standard HTTP requests. The main OSM Api is generally used to interact with OSM data and is used to make editors. If you want to just fetch osm data (like specific POIs) i recommend you take a look at overpass api. Please remember that with OSM you have access to the underlying map data itself unlike Google Maps and these are API to access those. If you just want map tiles or routing functionality check out the options below.

For offline maps using OSM data i find three libraries very much useful.

osmdroid: I use this library if i have to work with tiles that are in mbtiles format that i generate using tilemill. There is a bonus library for routing called osmbonuspack that adds lots of routing and POI functionality to this library. Also mapbox has released Mapbox Android SDK based on this library. I haven't tried it but it may be worth a look.

mapsforge: I use this library when i need to have the map data in vector format and also because it works with another great library called graphhopper in android application development.

graphhopper: I use this library for offline routing using osm data. This is a lightweight java routing library which work for android as well.

I suggest you take a look at these libraries if you want to use OSM with android. Also after you get somewhat familiar with these libraries i suggest you take a look at the code for popular android based tools for osm like osmand, osmtracker and Vespucci


Location: 32.436, -83.628

4 sai lầm nghiêm trọng khi đắp mặt nạ mật ong

Posted by hoanganh1 on 13 May 2015 in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

Chị em mình dùng rất nhiều loại mỹ phẩm thiên nhiên để làm đẹp da nhưng phổ biến nhất vẫn là cách đắp mặt nạ mật ong. Tuy nhiên, có rất nhiều sai lầm dễ mắc phải mà nhiều người không hề biết khi làm đẹp tại nhà.

Mật ong 1.Dùng lẫn lộn các loại mặt nạ Có 5 loại da phổ biến và tương ứng với mội kiểu da lại có các mặt nạ khác nhau. Khi bạn áp dụng lẫn lộn các loại mặt nạ không phù hợp với da của mình sẽ khiến da bị xỉn màu thậm chí bị dị ứng, mẩn ngứa. Vì vậy bạn cần cẩn trọng khi dap mat na mat ong. 2.Đắp mặt nạ hàng ngày Tần suất lý tưởng để thực hiện việc dap mat na mat ong chính là 2-3 lần/tuần. Nhiều người lầm tưởng rằng thực hiện việc làm đẹp với mật ong này hàng ngày sẽ giúp da khỏe mạnh, mịn màng nhưng đó hoàn toàn là sai lầm. Da của bạn có thể bị mẩn đỏ và mất đi sức đề kháng vốn có. 3. Không bảo vệ da sau khi đắp mặt nạ Đây là sai lầm phổ biến. Nhiều chị em đi không bảo vệ da trước tia tử ngoại hoặc bụi bẩn mặc dù vừa chăm sóc da. Đây là thời điểm da cực dễ bị thương tổn và nhạy cảm, chính vì vậy bạn nên lưu ý để tránh lợi bất cập hại khi làm đẹp với mật ong. 4. Sử dụng mật ong cho mọi vùng da

Thành phần của thực phẩm này có chứa chất làm giãn tĩnh mạch. Chính vì vậy, các vùng da mỏng như bẹn, cổ chân, đùi... dễ bị dị ứng khi bạn đắp mặt nạ mật ong.


Posted by palloma bittencourt on 12 May 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

No dia 04/05/2015, 6 alunos da turma 3*M03 do turno matutino da escola Jacaraipe, se deslocaram até a Lagoa do Juara para recolher sedimento e água de cinco rios. Logo em seguida, foram para o Ribeirão Juara, um ponto do rio Jacaraípe em São Patricio, Desembocadura do Rio Jacaraípe na praça Encontro das Águas e em uma antiga lagoa em Costa Dourada, recolhendo água e sedimentos de todos os pontos. Fomos de bicicleta nos lugares citados acima, usamos o celular para marcar os pontos no GPS, e o esforço de cada um para que todo o processo fosse realizado com sucesso.

Картографическая экспедиция по Аксаю

Posted by Сергей Голубев on 12 May 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Коллеги! Отправляюсь в сплав по реке Аксай Ростовской области с целью картирования береговой линии. Лодка ПВХ. Есть еще одно-два места, в зависимости от комплекции и тяги к комфорту. Срок поездки примерно 7 дней. Отправка в конце мая. Условия быта изнуряюще жестокие. Приглашаю всех заинтересованных. Подробности по запросу, либо пишите на сайте www.городшахты.рф.

Location: улица Ленина, Мелиховское сельское поселение, Усть-Донецкий район, Ростовская область, Южный федеральный округ, Российская Федерация

Second Attempt at OSM

Posted by Enxsjp on 12 May 2015 in English (English)

I have managed to grab some more time on OSM and hopefully will be able to put aside more time to learn and ask questions about this service. Thank you to those who have responded to my first diary, any help is greatly appreciated.

Again, a very brief entry but this afternoon I have been editing possible footpaths in Nepal's forest and surrounding areas. I have never previously had to look through dense forests on satellite imagery and trying to decipher where the paths are leading to was far more complicated than I envisaged. It also made me think that a lot of us take for granted delineated paths for pedestrians and motor vehicles that allows us to travel from A to B and B to A. In this area it comes to trying to locate these in the dense forestry makes you realise the task ahead for the emergency services within Nepal who have already had to face one challenge too many.

Thinking of all those affected once again.



Posted by spongezob on 12 May 2015 in German (Deutsch)

Nach acht Monaten harter Arbeit ist mein Online-Shop endlich fertig!

Location: 49,066, 11,817

Won't Be on the Road for a While

Posted by roadgeek99 on 12 May 2015 in English (English)

Recently, my bike had some problems. After one is fixed, another one pops up. Last night, my bike's rear wheel locked up while I was riding it on NE 78th Street in Hazel Dell. As a result, I couldn't pedal anymore. I had to walk for a long time (about 30 minutes) before I came home. Currently, my parents are checking out the problem on my bike. I don't own a car, so I can't do the work I want to do for OSM because the destinations I want are far away. (Sure, I do have a C-TRAN 10-ride punch card, but I don't want to waste it all). I'll still be doing some projects that are closer to my home. Until me bike is fixed, I won't be on the road for a while.

Trabalho de Hidrologia

Posted by Thainá Laranjeiras on 11 May 2015 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

5 alunos da turma 3°M03 do turno matutino da escola Jacaraípe, se deslocaram até a Lagoa do Juara para recolher sedimento e água. Logo em seguida foram para o Ribeirão Juara e recolheram sedimentos e águas de três pontos diferentes. Usamos coletores universais transparentes, para recolher a água e o sedimento. Fomos de bicicletas para os lugares citados acima, usamos o celular (LGL3) para marcar os pontos no GPS, e o esforço de cada um componente para que todo o processo fosse realizado.

SIRV-SAN : Système d’Information sur les Ressources et les Vulnérabilités pour la Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle. (HAITI)

Posted by JackAurel on 11 May 2015 in French (Français)

Dans le cadre du projet ECHO de "Renforcement des capacités de préparation et résilience pour la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle face aux chocs récurrents des familles les plus vulnérables dans le Plateau Central", l'ONG COOPI est chargée de la mise en place d'un Système d’Information sur les Ressources et les Vulnérabilités pour la Sécurité Alimentaire et Nutritionnelle.

Un serveur cartographique libre d'accès est développé, et les données sont déjà intégrées dans OSM sur les communes ciblées : Cerca-la-Source & Cerca-Carvajal (Plateau Central, Haïti).

Location: 2e Acajou Bruler, Cerca la Source, Arrondissement Cerca La Source, Département du Centre, Haïti

OsmAnd and JOSM come together to make mapping easier

Posted by RudiXXL on 11 May 2015 in English (English)

Since OsmAnd update 2.0.4 from 2015-05-10 it is easy to open *.GPX tracks and the corresponding *3GP files within JOSM. Simply copy them in one folder and open the GPX file. The soundfiles and pictures are loading to the right position with no hassle.

Many thanks to Victor.

;-} Rudi

#OpenBeerMap a 1 an !

Posted by OpenBeerMapContributor on 11 May 2015 in French (Français)

Et c'est l'occasion de faire le point sur les chiffres du projet :

1300 modifications de bars ont été réalisées depuis le site et l'appli. Environ 20 % sont des modérations (principalement des corrections de fautes d'orthographes sur le nom des bières)

Il y a 1081 bars différents où une information sur les bières a été ajoutée.

Environ 986 bières distinctes sont présentes à ce jour dans la base OpenStreetMap Cela tient compte des quelques doublons orthographiques (il n'y a plus de Guinness / Guiness, mais on retrouve encore des Kronenbourg / Kronembourg par exemple) et des bières ajoutées directement dans OpenStreetMap sans passer par OpenBeerMap.

On a 5 icônes personnalisées de bière : icones

L'essentiel des modifications de bars depuis le site et l'appli concerne la France, mais on remarque une présence sur tous les continents

les contributions par pays : par pays

les contributions de bières : carte taginfo

Les contributeurs : contributeurs

Les systèmes d'exploitation des contributeurs : OS des contributeurs l'appli Firefox OS aidant ...

Voilà c'est tout pour les statistiques du jour ! N'hésitez pas à aller fêter ça avec vos amis dans votre bar préféré ;)

sources : site OSM, HDYC, taginfo, Analytics

ul. Polna, Andrychów

Posted by wAndrychowiepl on 11 May 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Zabudowa naniesiona wraz z dojazdami.

Location: Brzegi, Andrychów, gmina Andrychów, powiat wadowicki, województwo małopolskie, Polska

how fix this problem in Josm

Posted by mustafakamil on 11 May 2015 in Arabic (العربية)

I use Ubuntu 14.04

Imagery menu select Bing


النص البديل

ul. Głowackiego, Andrychów

Posted by wAndrychowiepl on 11 May 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Uzupełnione budynki wraz z dojazdami.

Location: Bułówki, Andrychów, gmina Andrychów, powiat wadowicki, województwo małopolskie, Polska

ul. Tkacka Boczna, Andrychów

Posted by wAndrychowiepl on 11 May 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Dodane budynki i drogi dojazdowe.

Location: Bułówki, Andrychów, gmina Andrychów, powiat wadowicki, województwo małopolskie, Polska

OSM Seminar in the heart of Africa

Posted by Jotam on 11 May 2015 in English (English)

Within the past two weeks I taught two seminar sessions on OpenStreetMap at Ndejje University. Ndejje University is a small Christian education institution in central Uganda. The students are from different academic backgrounds like civil engineering, renewable energies, land surveying, and others. Most of them had never heard of OSM before.

However, after an introductory class in the first week, we surveyed the two university campuses using different types of GPS devices and entered the data into the OSM database. The map for Ndejje University is now pretty comprehensive. Additionally, the students have pledged to continue contributing for other places in East Africa like Uganda, South Sudan, and others.

The seminar was great fun and I hope it will foster the development of OSM here in Africa as well.

Location: Ndejje, Luweero, Central 2, Central Region, Uganda
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