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Boston Bombing

Posted by inthenickoftime4 on 16 April 2014 in English (English)

This is where I was standing

Location: Chinatown, Financial District, Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, 02112, United States of America

home neighborhood

Posted by ehermes on 15 April 2014 in English (English)

Just learning how to use this program, having some difficulties. Wish me luck please!

Location: Rancho Bella Vista, Murrieta, Riverside County, California, United States of America

Работа с картой

Posted by Анна Александровна on 15 April 2014 in Russian (Русский)

Весьма полезно, но есть ещё некоторые недоделки в области редактирования. Особенно, в малонаселенных местах

Location: База РОБКООПа, Новый Бор, Усть-Цилемский район, Республика Коми, Северо-Западный федеральный округ, Российская Федерация

Férias + OSM

Posted by wille on 15 April 2014 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Em maio tenho alguns dias de férias e vou viajar por quatro estados do Brasil. Adoraria encontrar mapeadores por onde vou passar e organizar palestras em faculdades, mapping parties ou mesmo um bate-papo informal em algum bar, café ou restaurante.

Em Porto Alegre vou apresentar uma palestra sobre o OpenStreetMap no 15º Fórum Internacional de Software livre. Criei uma página no wiki para organizarmos outras atividades.

Vou passar também por Florianópolis, São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro. Se você mora em alguma dessas cidades e tem interesse em organizar alguma atividade ou bater um papo, deixe um comentário ou me envie uma mensagem!

Bigger Data Collection of GPS Cordinates for Art

Posted by 佐川の少年-REN on 14 April 2014 in English (English)

So i like geography so for art class I learned the GPS sensor.

when i went on a road trip for spring break during spring break, I left my gps on and stored the values into sqlite database from the phone.

I then created a dataset of latitude, longitude, and time into 540,127 rows that I wish to use to create a visualization.

Today I worked on this project and borrowed a fast computer at the school, converted the rows from terminal sqlite query to (.txt and .html) form.

I am learning to program with Android for the course and so I found myself at the Google for fusion tables. About one hour ago I was able to figure out how to embed 100,000 (is limit on free acount?) onto the Google Map interface.

However, I want to do more and I hope Someone can offer me some advise or ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story,


Location: La Jolla Colony, La Jolla, San Diego, San Diego County, California, 92161, United States of America


Posted by P-well on 14 April 2014 in Russian (Русский)


Location: зимник, Ханты-Мансийский район, Ханты-Мансийский автономный округ - Югра, Уральский федеральный округ, Российская Федерация

SOTMUS 2014 Day 2 Notes

Posted by benbhsu on 14 April 2014 in English (English)

Open Data for Resilience Initiative - Disaster Risk Management - John Crowley @jcrowley

  • Collective memory of deep history - recalling hazards of particular locations
  • OSM as collective memory
  • Geologic cycles can be quite long - thousands, millions or years
  • Underlying nature of risk is changing - cities growing at 5%. Data describe a very dynamic reality
  • Understanding dynamic risks requires better data
  • Need for better data - smaller grid squares - beyond 10km grid down to building polygons
  • Open Data for Resilience Initiative Field Guide
  • Govt data often exists, but need to be collated and made open
    • Fractured over many ministries
    • Political barriers
    • Proprietary formats
    • Worse: PDF scans of "data"
  • Collection on paper, then entering back to OSM using JOSM
    • Building survey form - standard form
    • Teaching community to build their own data, not outsiders
  • Quality assurance
    • Teach people to improve data collection while they're doing it
  • InaSafe - plugin for QGIS - visualize impact models
  • - OpenDRI Field Guide 1.0 CC-BY
  • Performing analysis and getting it to village-level govt requires a lot of printing
  • The map is a collective memory not only of what is or once was, but what might one day no longer be.
    • What could be, what could be built back stronger?

Building a Community - HOT in Indonesia - Kate Chapman

  • Mapping for preparedness
  • InaSafe - impact modeling software
  • People are core to the community
  • Train people -> those people train others
  • Recruiting posters - new interns had geography background
  • Technical literacy, technical problems (JOSM doesn't run, firewalls)
  • People excited, but don't know how to get started -> train the trainers
  • Train the trainers - little to do with mapping, more about how to teach, build adult engagement
  • 50% of Scouts are in Indonesia
  • learnOSM - step by step guides
  • World Bank GFDRR
  • Field Papers

Inside the Eye of a HOT Activation - Dale Kunce

MapGive - A coordinated campaign for action - Joshua S Campbell DOS

  • Humanitarian Information Unit - research and analysis of humanitarian emergencies
  • Maps are often taken for granted or assumed to exist, when more often they do not
  • @mapgive
  • Connective power of internet has fundamentally changed economics of information creation
  • Lower the bar for new mappers to join
  • Crowdsourcing in government: build relationships with volunteer and technical community, build trust in communities - share imagery - engage local communities - enhance the data
  • American Spaces - outreach centers around the world

OpenStreetMap as Infrastructure - Elizabeth McCartney, USGS; Mikel Maron, Crowd Cover

  • National Map Corps - Volunteered Geographic Information at USGS (project suspended 2008)
  • 2010 project revived
  • Volunteers from 4H, Scouts, retired people
  • Users are peer reviewers after editing 25 points
  • Moabi - collaborative mapping project, DR Congo, forest monitoring
  • Looking for open source mobile OSM editor

I Imported Chicago - Ian Dees @iandees

  • Move to new city, new job -> found open data portal in Chicago -> discussed with local OSM community
  • Still did it wrong - didn't talk to global OSM community
  • License was not compatible - require user to take down data on request
  • Convince open data people of Chicago to switch license to MIT
  • 3 months to import, 1.5 years start to finish calendar time
  • Easier for others to add data once building shapes imported (restaurants, businesses, etc.)
  • Import using JOSM easier than scripting in this case

Open Data and Cities - R.E. Sieber @re_sieber

  • What happens to participation when anyone can participate any place?
  • Need grad students
  • How can non-experts be empowered by technology
  • Empowerment of marginalized people and democracy
  • Open Data - data should be freely available for everyone to use, reuse and republish without restrictions
  • Licensing challenges of accessing municipal data
  • VGI - Volunteered Geographic Information is the widespread engagement of large numbers of participants involved in the digital creation of geographic information. Participants are usually non-experts and have little formal coordination with each other.
  • How well do City Open Data and OSM play together? Not well, but getting better.
  • Mapdust - bug tracker for OSM
  • Accuracy is not the first objective. Accuracy is dependent on its use.
    • Credentials provide the accuracy - citizens cannot check every point
    • Eyeballs provide the accuracy - OSM contributors refine the data
  • Neoliberalism - push in cities to deregulate and privatize
    • Govt has less money, VGI looks enticing
  • Andrew Keen's warning - relying on amateurs/volunteers is a problems, govts shed employees and replace with volunteers, if volunteers don't collect enough data, there are no employees to fill gap.
Location: Chinatown, Southwest Waterfront, Washington, District of Columbia, 20004, United States of America

Adding to Crestline and Other San Bernardino Mountains Communities

Posted by KoHoSo on 14 April 2014 in English (English)

After joining this community, making my first edit, and getting some nice welcome messages, I found that my password no longer worked for some reason. I got very busy at work and kept putting off coming back until today as I'm pretty much changing ALL of my passwords due to the Heartbleed bug.

Now that I'm back in, I've made several updates to Crestline, California and some of the surrounding communities. While most of these were entries for restaurants and other businesses, I did find one incorrect piece of mapping in the Valley of Enchantment where Log Lane was shown to stop short of meeting the town's main drag, Waters Drive (for any fans of "Star Trek: Enterprise," the "Carbon Creek" episode from the second season did some filming on Waters).

It looks like a lot of this area has not had a lot of contribution as far as businesses go so I am glad to get back in here and add a few things for everybody. It's a nice place to visit so I hope my additions will encourage people to come up here...and, bring money...our local businesses need it! ;-)

Location: Springy Path, Crestline, San Bernardino County, California, 92407, United States of America

Going on - expanding range

Posted by flothi on 13 April 2014 in German (Deutsch)

Unter Nutzung diverser technischer Hilfsmittel (Smartphone, App, Papier und Bleistift) geht das Kartieren munter weiter - Wege, Barrieren und Hydranten sind jetzt am Zug - parallel dazu auch Hausnummern von bereits hinterlegten Häusern

Location: Koblenz-Güls, Güls, Koblenz, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland

I mapped 100 countries in 100 days

Posted by sabas88 on 13 April 2014 in English (English)

World Map

If you for chance read my previous diary entry, I registered on GiveIt100 and documented with a video a changeset made each day in a different country. I followed some basic criteria: each day in a different continent (counterclockwise order); if I missed a day I'd map in the same continent for two days; map in a country where I didn't map before.

So, straight from January 1st, I got to April 10th and in the last video I did a changeset in San Mateo, CA, where lives the developer of GiveIt100 (I previously mapped in USA, I know!).

The complete project is visible on

Having the NaturalEarth shapefile half filled, I should paint it green completely some time...

Someone with a planet file at hand could do a ladder of users ranked by how many countries has been visited (similar to the hydc user page)..

Thanks to Karen and Finbarr for their work!

mystic place

Posted by malenki on 13 April 2014 in English (English)

I cannot help but share two images of a place I stumbled over today while mapping a little. A decaying house with a half collapsed outhouse at its side - but some flowers were well attended:

well attended flowers at a decaying house

well attended flowers at a decaying house

Diversification with OSM

Posted by malenki on 13 April 2014 in English (English)

JOSM seems to get translated at transifex and launchpad, you can file bugs against JOSM at and github, you can file bug against a lot of OSM things at and github, too.

It doesn't matter when all resources are handled equally, but it is not so nice when you look at the wrong place

SOTMUS 2014 Day 1 Notes

Posted by benbhsu on 13 April 2014 in English (English)

(unedited except for formatting. hopefully these will mean something in the future)

Intro to OSM Morning Session

  • anything that stays the same is mapped
  • started by people walking around with GPS devices, now large TIGER data imports
  • local knowledge is most important - priority over tracing aerial imagery (Bing imagery)
  • discussion is over mailing lists -
  • - which tags are most popular
  • osm2pgsql -> postgis -> tilemill
  • - open source javascript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps
  • - map tutorials
  • - visualize osm changes

Implementing Change in OSM - @jfire

  • OSM community building
  • Loss aversion
  • Status quo bias
  • Building compassionate communities in tech - watch
  • Work in the open - build trust, get expertise
  • Work incrementally
  • Over communicate - clearly explain objectives and benefits - not the same as being verbose - simple explanations are better
  • Perfect is the enemy of much better than what we have now
  • Be patient

Engaging the OSM community: NYC Govt DOITT

  • Addressing in NYC
    • No central authority
  • Why not crowdsourcing
    • Problematic workflow
    • Limited staffing
    • Discrepancies between official record and reality
    • Another set of eyes, engaged community
    • Local Law 11 - put all city data in public domain by 2015
  • Open data to wider audience, improve data, engage community
  • Used by 311/911
  • Lessons learned
    • Involve local community
    • Accuracy should prevail
    • Metadata can always be improved
    • Data model confusing
    • Constructive feedback is great
    • NYC addressing is a challenge

Meeting in Person - Kathleen Danielson

  • Getting people into the same room to drink beer and do nerdy things
  • Why does meeting in person matter? Diverse interests, mapping is solitary, help the project
  • Community health
    • Mailing lists can be unhealthy/unconstructive discourse
    • Building real world connections can help
    • Bottom-up approach to global community building
  • Find mappers, find something to do, find a way to keep it going
  • ito OSM mapper
  • Pascal OSM Contributor's map
  • Meet your community where they are (IRC is not for non-tech people, use Meetup, Facebook, etc.)
  • Reassess - what your community needed before may not be what they need now
  • Social meetups - "Mappy Hour", Maptime, Editathons
  • Connect with other groups - environmental, tech
  • Do not try this alone - burn out
  • Avoid burnout - co-organizer, ask for help, what kind of schedule can you support?, make sure it's fun, take a break if needed

OSM in the Classroom - Richard Hinton, Nuala Cowan

  • DOS Humanitarian Information Unit
  • Why is OSM in the classroom different?
    • Equitable work volume for each student
    • Track/grade
    • Prevent overlap (Tasking Manager)
    • How to grade?
  • Instructor prep
    • identify area of interest
    • generate workable grid
    • decide workload for students
    • develop a rubric
    • track activity using Overpass Turbo
    • Mapathons
    • Show me the way visualizing
Location: Chinatown, Shaw, Washington, District of Columbia, 20004, United States of America

Utilizando o Keypad Mapper 3

Posted by jgpacker on 13 April 2014 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

Usei hoje pela segunda vez o aplicativo para Android do Keypad Mapper 3, e obtive resultados interessantes.

A maior vantagem do Keypad Mapper (comparando com outros aplicativos android) é sua eficiência no mapeamento de números de casas. O usuário vai digitando os números de casa (e possivelmente o nome do local) e indicando em qual lado (dele) está a casa. Quando o usuário encerra a coleta de dados, eles podem ser exportados pelo usuário como imagens georreferenciadas (fotos), trilhas GPS e um arquivo XML do OSM.

Este último arquivo possui vários pontos com posições aproximadas de onde as casas deveriam estar. É recomendável que o próximo passo do usuário seja editar este arquivo puxando os pontos de números de casas para o meio de cada casa, e adicionar a chave addr:street coms o valor apropriado para estes números; para então fazer upload para o OSM.

A coleta de dados de hoje demorou em torno de 40 minutos, mas a edição no JOSM demorou quase 2 horas. A demora no JOSM foi devido a uma certa preocupação com o detalhamento de informações das lojas (através de fotos e do sítio web de cada loja, quando encontrado) e uma certa dificuldade para descobrir boas classificações para algumas lojas.

Antes e depois do mapeamento: animação mostrando antes e depois do mapeamento E sim, depois eu corrigi o "Auto Post Madelena" para "Auto Posto Madalena".

Aconteceu uma coisa engraçada quando eu estava fazendo essas alterações: Teve um lugar que tinha uma placa meio apagada, e não dava pra ver certinho o nome do lugar, mas dava pra ver o número de telefone. O nome do lugar parecia ser "Julia Uniformes Profissionais", mas para garantir eu pesquisei o número de telefone no Bing. Para minha surpresa, ao invés de "Julia", era "Juira"! Eu nunca adivinharia isso :-P

Location: Bucarein, Joinville, SC, Região Sul, Brasil

Targeting inappropriate 'layer' entries.

Posted by Warin61 on 12 April 2014 in English (English)

I'm presently targeting things that have inappropriate 'layer' entries in my area.e.g.

highway, layer -5 ... no tunnel/covered etc ...

park layer -2

I assume this way done for rendering issues. The areas look to be best served with multipolygons.

There do not appear to be tools to find these inappropriate layers, so I'm using a simple text editor to find them., then JOSM to do the editing.

Dingle Iloilo editing

Posted by vir_mugi on 12 April 2014 in English (English)

Edited residential and houses in Dingle Iloilo, Philippines.

Problems with image resolution. Maybe some landuses are wrong, ask for criteria.

Location: Millwall, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

The State of the Map US Song

Posted by AE35 on 12 April 2014 in English (English)

If you're going to #sotmus Be sure to wear some GPS Devices in your hand If you're going to #sotmus You're gonna meet some gentle HOT people there

For those who come to #sotmus Any Zulu time will be a lat-long-love-in there In the bbox of #sotmus Gentle HOT people with GPS Devices in their hands

All across the Mercator projection such a strange vibration Neo-cartographers in tagging motion There's a whole new neo-cartographers generation with a new mission Neo-cartographers in tagging motion Neo-cartographers in tagging motion

For those who come to #sotmus Be sure to wear some GPS Devices in your hand If you come to #sotmus Any Zulu time will be a lat-long-love-in there

If you come to #sotmus Any Zulu time will be a lat-long-love-in there

Scott McKenzie in 2014 version - Have great a great #sotmus everybody

workpermit - Viet Nam

Posted by nhigiatravel on 12 April 2014 in Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt)

NGƯỜI NƯỚC NGOÀI LÀM VIỆC TẠI VIỆT NAM TRÊN 3 THÁNG PHẢI CÓ GIẤY PHÉP LAO ĐỘNG Theo quy định tại khoản 1 điều 9 Nghị định số 34/2008/NĐ-CP của Chính Phủ ngày 25 tháng 03 năm 2008 và Nghị định 46/2011/NĐ-CP sửa đổi Nghị định 34/2008/NĐ-CP quy định về tuyển dụng và quản lý người nước ngoài làm việc tại Việt Nam, người nước ngoài vào Việt Nam làm việc với thời hạn trên 03 tháng thì phải có giấy phép lao động.

Tham khảo: giay phep lao dong cho nguoi nuoc ngoai

Стихотворение про OpenStreetMap

Posted by mavl on 12 April 2014 in Russian (Русский)


Купил навигатор,
Но карт к нему нету.
И, стало быть, надо
Искать в Интернете.

Нашёл много ссылок,
Прошёлся по сайтам,
Но все предлагают
Закрытые карты.


Свободная карта
Нашлась лишь одна.
Зовётся она.

Свободный подход
Слегка удивляет:
- Используй, где хочешь.
- Её можно править.

Мощный компьютер
В Сети дежурит.
Любые поправки
Учитывать будет.

Разные люди
Разное знают.
Что им известно,
То отмечают:

Кто-то дороги,
Кто-то леса,
Кто-то тропинки,
Кто-то дома.

На карте знакомую
Местность поправят,
В дежурный компьютер
Поправки отправят.


Уже получилась
Приличная карта.
Она для просмотра
Доступна на сайте:

Москва и Владимир,
Питер и Псков,
Уфа и Воронеж,
Реж и Серов.

Казань и Челябинск,
Самара и Тверь,
Калуга и Сочи,
Тобольск и Тюмень.

Дороги и тропы,
Мосты и туннели,
Киоски и моллы,
Сады и мотели.

Озёра и реки,
Больницы и школы,
Метро и вокзалы,
Забытые сёла.

Отели и парки,
Кафе и таверны,
Часовни и храмы,
Спортивные центры.

Леса и болота,
Поля и теплицы,
Кусты и деревья,
Луга и станицы.

Входы в пещеры,
Вершины холмов,
Морские границы,
Пути поездов.

Здесь есть магазины,
Здесь есть адреса:
Названия улиц,
Домов номера.


Разглядывать карту
Довольно занятно,
Но как её править
Не сразу понятно:

Какие-то точки,
Какие-то теги,
Какие-то снимки,
Какие-то треки.

Понятия эти
Людей не пугают,
И вскорости к ним
Большинство привыкает.


Иметь на бумаге
Карту возможно:
Её распечатать
Не очень-то сложно.

Скачать в навигатор
Её не проблема:
Для многих приборов
Отлажена схема.

A если ошибка,
Чего-то вдруг нету,
Пишите на форум.
Вам быстро ответят.

Там вечные споры,
Там жизнь не стихает,
Там новые мысли
Меж строчек витают.


По географии
Нужен ответ?
Пользуйтесь картой


Posted by 123sese on 11 April 2014 in Spanish (Español)


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