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Made-up names and how to avoid them

Posted by SomeoneElse on 15 August 2017 in English (English)

There's recently been a thread on the talk-gb mailing list where someone has decided that, despite previous custom and practice there, the "name" field in both English- and Welsh-speaking areas of Wales should be a compound of both the English and Welsh names. No-one says "I'm climbing up Snowdon / Yr Wyddfa today", they'll use one name or the other, not both together.

In the Welsh-speaking areas the Welsh names are more likely to be used; in the English-speaking areas the English names. It's not a hard-and-fast rule; this peak in the Black Mountains is referred to about equally by both the Welsh and English names, despite it being in a predominantly English-speaking area.

Wikipedia gives an idea of Welsh-language take-up here. That's a bit broad-brush; for example I don't think there's an isogloss between Carmerthenshire and Swansea where people gain/lose the ability to speak Welsh.

So how is it possible to extract data from OSM with the Welsh name in the Welsh-speaking areas and the English name in English-speaking ones, both when creating e.g. a rendering database for the first time and when updating it as people update OSM? Firstly we'll just consider the "loading the database" part.

There are a couple of possible solutions to the problem. I used "osmosis", which has a handy "tag transform" feature. The Welsh one is here; the English one is similar.

Very roughly, the Welsh-speaking area of Wales corresponds to this area. That's not perfect, but it's not a bad approximation for a rectangle. I downloaded the latest Welsh data from Geofabrik and cut that area out of it:

osmosis  --read-pbf wales-latest.osm.pbf  --bounding-box left=-4.82 bottom=52.02 right=-3.34 top=53.69 --write-pbf wales_cy_before.pbf

Convert the "Welsh-speaking" part to names based on "name:cy":

osmosis --read-pbf wales_cy_before.pbf --tag-transform transform_cy.xml --write-pbf wales_cy_after.pbf      

Create a copy of the larger file with names based on "name:en":

osmosis --read-pbf wales-latest.osm.pbf --tag-transform transform_en.xml --write-pbf wales_en_latest.pbf

Merge the two together (do it this way around and the "Welsh" file seems to take precedence):

osmosis --read-pbf wales_cy_after.pbf --read-pbf wales_en_latest.pbf  --merge --write-pbf  wales_merged.pbf

And load:

osm2pgsql --create --slim -d gis -C 2500 --number-processes 2 -S --multi-geometry --tag-transform-script ~/src/SomeoneElse-style/style.lua wales_merged.pbf

The "osm2pgsql" command to use obviously varies depending on the data and the style used; I'm using this lua tag transform (that's unrelated to the "osmosis" tag transforms described above) and this map style.

The result is that this road now displays as "Stryd Fawr" and this road as "Glasfryn Road". Success!

Edit: There's an automatic script to do this (for the style I use) here. I've updated that to use a .poly file (thanks to SK53 for that). I've also used Scots Gaelic names for the far northwest of Scotland, and the results can be seen here

Location: Bwlch yr Efengyl, Capel-y-ffin, Powys, Wales, United Kingdom

How to add cross-walks to OSM by using Mapillary AI Detection

Posted by NunoCaldeira on 14 August 2017 in English (English)

For those that have check my previous tutorials, are aware of the benefits of using Mapillary imagery (especially the traffic signs detections), however some crosswalks don't have traffic signs nearby. By using Mapillary AI we are able to detect them fast and add them to OSM. Here's the video tutorial how you can use AI Detections for OSM.

Find out more about Mapillary AI Detections

My previous tutorials: ID Editor and JOSM

AI Detections

Location: Casa das Queimadas, Queimadas, Madeira, Archipelago of Madeira (Portugal)

Google Summer of Code Experience Part 2

Posted by fannymonori on 14 August 2017 in English (English)

The end of the 2017 Google Summer of Code is getting closer. In the last weeks I was working on styling the map.

The most challenging task this month was definitely the anti-aliased ways, and I ended up doing that with the help of barycentric coordinates. I also added borders to areas and paths. I did a mistake previously, and not all buildings were visible, but I have fixed that issue, and now small buildings are also visible.

There is still some work to do, I intend to concentrate on the obvious things in the next day. Looking at the pictures below one can see that dotted/stippled lines are not yet supported (in the first picture the tiny red lines should be dotted). Fixing the looks of the texts also have high priority. The size is not quite right, and it is blurry. I also want to add support for patterns before the GSoC ends.

Debrecen: Debrecen

Budapest close: Budapest close



My project:

Location: Sestakert, Debrecen, Debreceni járás, Hajdú-Bihar, Northern Great Plain, Great Plain and North, Hungary

Proposta de classificação de rodovias federais

Posted by Linhares on 14 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)


abrimos votação no fórum sobre uma proposta de modificar as cinco principais rodovias federais de primary para 'trunk'.

Um resumo da motivação desta mudança pode ser vista neste vídeo. Além disso, a nova classificação resolverá problemas de roteamento.


Abraços, Linhares

COSCUP 2017 OSM 相關議程心得 (1)

Posted by Supaplex on 14 August 2017 in Chinese (Taiwan) (‪中文(台灣)‬)

COSCUP 2017 年的 OSM 相關議程心得,這篇可能比較多吐糟點多了點,不喜勿入。有關自身有涉入的 OSM 軌演演講和工作坊部分之後會再敘述。

聽了 COSCUP 社群軌談 OpenStreetMap 社群經營,講者簡介 OSM 之外就是談社群經營經營談。回過頭想想為何這場演講內容變得偏抱怨性質,像是覺得我這麼認真結果為何讓我失落。我想我事情思索的太複雜了,要回到最基本的部分-目標怎麼定,社群成員投入得到什麼,而能參與什麼有趣的專案,可以選擇做到什麼程度?

社群是由一群志同道合的人組成,大家會運用 OpenStreetMap 都有各自的理由,目標也不盡相同。你的目標未必別人很在意,極端的狀況我在意的部分別人覺得不值一曝,甚至彼此目標會衝突。如果社群成員有彼此能合作的目標,自然就會討論何種重要得先做,力量集結起來,共同先完成該目標。


回到,OSM 甚至 GIS 技術對於平凡人求職來說並不是找到好工作的保證。社群辦活動都是 Go Dutch,並不是免錢可以吃吃喝喝飽餐一頓。社群也不是企業,也不會出現董事長訂目標,底下人答有領旨執行,幾個月後將成果彙報上去。訂目標的人在讓社群力量呈多頭馬車是常態,如何選擇則是社群成員個人衡量下,採用社群共識決處理。



Location: 古亭, 頂東里, 東門, 中正區, 臺北市, 臺灣

New York

Posted by Mélissa coutu on 13 August 2017 in French (Français)


M'appare Spotorno

Posted by Andrea Musuruane on 13 August 2017 in Italian (Italiano)

Recentemente mi sono recato per un periodo di vacanza con la mia famiglia a Spotorno (SV).

Prima di partire avevo notato che su OSM mancavano quasi tutti i vicoli del centro storico, non erano presenti i nomi di diverse vie e alcune invece avevano nomi errati.

Quindi ho stampato qualche Field Papers, e ho verificato di avere installato sul cellulare un po' di applicazioni.

In loco, per piccoli edit (spostare dei POI, correggere o aggiungere dei tag), ho usato per la maggior parte Vespucci e, a volte, OSM Contributor. Vi confesso però che non sono un grande fan di questi strumenti di editing sul cellulare e non li userei per operazioni più complicate.

Ho usato i Field Paper per fare piccole annotazioni, come il verso dei sensi unici o strade mancanti.

La maggior parte del lavoro però l'ho fatta usando OSMTracker. La funzione di photo mapping è utilissima, specialmente per rilevare i cartelli con i nomi delle vie. Inoltre, ho trovato molto comodo appuntare i vari POI insieme al corrispondente numero civico.

Ritornato a casa, ho esportato le tracce da OSMTracker e ho inserito le varie informazioni direttamente con JOSM.

Il risultato finale è riassunto nella seguente immagine.


Rimane ancora molto da fare, specialmente nelle aree più periferiche. Però la situazione è nettamente migliore di prima :-)

Location: San Antonio, Spotorno, SV, LIG, Italia

How to revert an edit

Posted by Brian@Brea on 13 August 2017 in English (English)

I was wondering how to revert an edit made on political bias. This user deleted the majority SeaWorld Orlando but the rest of their edits look to on the up and up. Change set: 50681538

Location: Sea World Drive, Orange County, Florida, 32821, United States of America

The OSM street network is more than 80% complete

Posted by amb_santacruz on 13 August 2017 in English (English)

Chris Barrington-Leigh and I have been working for the past few years to assess the completeness of the street network in OSM. We're pleased to have now published our results in the journal PLoS ONE. Thanks to many suggestions from the OSM community on our preliminary analysis.

Here are the highlights from the paper's abstract:

We find (i) that globally, OSM is ∼83% complete [as of January 2016], and more than 40% of countries—including several in the developing world—have a fully mapped street network; (ii) that well-governed countries with good Internet access tend to be more complete, and that completeness has a U-shaped relationship with population density—both sparsely populated areas and dense cities are the best mapped; and (iii) that existing global datasets used by the World Bank undercount roads by more than 30%.

An update using the April 2017 snapshot suggests that completeness is now ~89%. Our more detailed results and all our code are available on GitHub. Here's a sample of the largest 10 countries (updated through 2017), showing the actual growth in OSM road length and our model fits: Growth in OSM dataset

And here's the fraction complete, also updated through April 2017: Fraction complete map

Location: University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California, United States of America

Somebody ....

Posted by SimonPoole on 12 August 2017 in English (English)

out there is trying to run Vespucci 0.7.0 which dates back to April 2011 on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 with Android 6.0.

While the app will run, 0.7.0 was released a while before 64bits for OSM element ids became necessary (early 2013), and trying to parse current data will lead to a crash.

With other words: please upgrade to a current version!

Thank you

Download along my own virtual way in Overpass API

Posted by mmd on 12 August 2017 in English (English)

Again a bit of prototyping today.

I always wondered what the best way to download all objects along some GPX track (more generally a list of lat/lon pairs) in Overpass API might be.

Usually, you don't want to create some complex poly-filter for this, or even worse upload your gpx track as OSM way just for the sake of finding out what's close by.

You might have come across the around filter, which comes in handy to find objects around a center point. I have extended this idea a bit to also handle linestrings.

Here's a first result: a turquoise circle in the middle is our great made up GPX track, consisting of about 20 points. All the yellow stuff in the background is what Overpass API returned as highways up to 500m away from our circle. Obviously, that circle doesn't exist in OSM, so we're really looking at what's close to our virtual way.



Live demo:

Road trip

Imagine you want to create a map with only minimum features (motorways, some important nodes), and some place names along your own lat/lon pairs. Here's an example for such a trip from Frankfurt to Basel, downloaded as 10MB PBF file, processed via osm2pgsql and rendered by Kosmtik:

Image 2

Live demo:

Github issue:

Le Rhin à vélo

Posted by vincentxavier on 12 August 2017 in French (Français)

Ma compagne et moi venons juste de finir le Rhin à vélo (#EV15). Une première série de photos est disponible sur un fil mastodon

Dès que j'ai fini de mettre de l'ordre dans celles-ci, je publierai une série d'articles sur mon blog dans la rubrique Carnet de voyages.

Location: Via Alpsu, Tujetsch, Surselva, Grisons, 7187, Suisse

Utilização do OSM no SAMAE de Jaraguá do Sul

Posted by Tomio on 11 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

A Empresa de abastecimento de água e esgoto do Município de Jaraguá do Sul /SC/Brasil (SAMAE), vem utilizando o Openstreetmap como camada de fundo em seu sistema GIS das redes de infraestrutura.

Nas palavras de Saulo E. Schwingel, Engenheiro do SAMAE:
"Em relação a utilização do OSM como fonte de dados, acredito que com um sistema bem alimentado não há comparação com outras bases para localização e referenciamento. O OSM apresenta de forma clara e concisa muitas informações úteis que facilitam muito o trabalho de elaboração e correção de georreferenciamento, inclusive para dados de infraestrutura como redes de água e esgoto, assim como dados comerciais como localização de unidades consumidoras."

Algumas imagens do sistema GIS da empresa, na utilização do OSM:

Rede de Água:

Rede de Esgoto:

Unidades Comerciais:

A dark railway map style

Posted by PlaneMad on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Always wanted to make a nice railway map style. A well spent 20 mins before bed.

Dark Railway Map


Visualizing Turn Restrictions

Posted by PlaneMad on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

A turn-restriction defines restricted or mandatory turns at a junction and are one of the most important features to map for accurate driving directions. Thought I would quickly make a comparison of how different map data editors visually represent this feature for mappers. Pick the best:




OSM navigation map

Restriction Validator

База отдыха Соловьиный мыс на берегу озера Увильды

Posted by Vazhnov Alexey on 10 August 2017 in Russian (Русский)

На выходных были на базе отдыха Соловьиный мыс на берегу озера Увильды.

Ну и совок же там… Удобства во дворе, дурно пахнущая постель, один комплект ключей на две семьи, при том что в туалет можно попасть только по ключу. В единственном кирпичном доме есть раковина-туалет-душ-стиралка, вот только вода под конец чуть не закончилась, хотя даже душем не пользовались.

Попытались покататься на велике, свернули на ближайшую лесную тропинку (согласно OsmAnd) и проехав 400 метров вернулись обратно — там даже пешком не пройти. Видимо когда-то там прошёл трактор, делавший противопожарную канаву. Отметил так:

GPS треки выложил в OSM, фотографии уже на

Location: 75К-008, Кузнецкое сельское поселение, Аргаяшский район, Челябинская область, Уральский федеральный округ, РФ

Eu tenho, você não tem

Posted by naoliv on 10 August 2017 in Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil)

‒ Ow, me perdi numas rotatórias doidas na hora de voltar
‒ Onde isso?
‒ Indo pra Ribeirão; é um trecho novo que construíram
‒ Me mostra no mapa onde fica
‒ Vamos um dia lá mapear isso

Depois de dirigir 90+ km e ficar parecendo idiota dando várias voltas no lugar, ganhamos um track com o traçado do retorno novo:

Ficando com essa coisa bonita no fim:

Desconfiando que só o OSM teria esse retorno novo, fui olhar os outros mapas.

Google não tem:

Bing não tem:

Mapnik não tem:

TomTom não tem:

Mas o Here já tinha...

Que por sinal é bem parecido com o estilo do Mapquest (que é OSM):

E até o Waze tinha...

Waze vou desconsiderar. Apesar de estar funcional, não está certinho.

Eu ia deixar isso tocando em loop infinito pra ficar tirando sarro dos outros mapas:

Ia até fazer um filme com os melhores momentos e áudios do survey:

Mas o Here cortou o meu barato...

Location: Quinta dos Buritis, Água Vermelha, São Carlos, Microrregião de São Carlos, Mesorregião de Araraquara, São Paulo, Região Sudeste, Brasil

Get a life! (oder werde erwachsen?) Pfhhhh

Posted by q_un_go on 10 August 2017 in German (Deutsch)

Ich halte ja von Twitter nicht so viel, da die Welt ohne dieses Medium mit Sicherheit erheblich besser dran und sicherer wäre (was ein ganz bestimmtes Twitterkonto doch ausmachen kann)

Aber das hier ist denn doch interessant, Das sind wohl nur die Changesets, und die besagen nun nicht so viel. Trotzdem kann sich auch der Rest bei hdyc sich bei mir sehen lassen. Wenn dann noch die Datenqualität gut wäre, pardon, da zudem die Datenqualität gut ist ;-)...

Btw.: mit Gepäck war mir letztes Wochenende der Umweg in den Regent's Park denn doch zu mühselig. Zumal ich erst am 3.8. anreiste, also einen Tag nach meinem 10-jährigen OSM-Jubiläum (aktiv wurde ich aber erst nach fast einem Jahr Pause).

Beim nächsten Mal will ich aber doch nach hier gehen:

Changeset 1. Hier fing also alles an. (Iirgendwo musste es ja sein...)

Aber in puncto symbolischer Bedeutung spielt Archaeopteryx lithographica im Naturkundemuseum fast nebenan denn doch in einem anderen Universum. Daher habe ich dieses Mal lieber den vogeligen Dino im Kalkstein ehrfürchtig bewundert.

Location: Somers Town, London Borough of Camden, London, Groß-London, England, Vereinigtes Königreich


Posted by Cwassim87 on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Add me now ! Cwassim87 👻👻👻👻

Location: cité 309 logs 19 juin 2, Guelma, Daïra Guelma, Guelma, 24000, Algeria

OverPass Turbo Workshop Slides and Problems set. Happy 13th Birthday OSM

Posted by baditaflorin on 10 August 2017 in English (English)

Yesterday we had our anniversary OSM Time meetup, where we celebrated 13th years of OSM, and we also had a workshop for the participants, to learn how they can extract information's from OSM, using overpass API and overpass-turbo.

Attaching 2 slides examples :

You can find the slides here

You can find the materials for the participants here

Location: Gruia, Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania
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