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Update JOSM to fix the Java Logjam

Posted by Tom Morris on 21 May 2015 in English (English)

If you use JOSM, please download an up-to-date copy from if you are unable to edit.

Java uses its own SSL stack, and it is rather special. Java 6 and 7 won't talk to servers patched with Logjam. This means that the JOSM welcome screen won't load, and you won't be able to download or upload any data from the OSM API, because both servers have been diligently patched.

Last night, I thought this was due to my Internet connection being dodgy. Reading about Logjam this morning made it click.

And, yes, this will affect a whole lot of people outside of OSM-land...

Day trip and map

Posted by daytripandmap on 21 May 2015 in English (English)

All the post of in a unique world map!

Недельное задание 10: статистика

Posted by edward17 on 21 May 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Ваша картопати может похвастаться полностью зелёным пирогом в MapCraft? А десятое - юбилейное - недельное задание может!


Пирог находится по этому адресу, лог его чатика - здесь.

Как вы, наверное, догадались, темой прошедшей недели был Ивано-Франковск. Dyoma написал на форум о том, что в этом областном центре мало домиков. Действительно, они были нарисованы через один, да ещё и с разными смещениями. Всё потому, что раньше над городом были 2 снимка Bing, сейчас - один, к тому же хорошего качества.

За эту неделю Ивано-Франковск по-настоящему преобразился.





Кроме домиков и дорог, ещё рисовали железные дороги и землепользование.

Город был буквально покрыт пакетами правок:


На форуме в это время проходило обсуждение описаний к статусам сегментов пирога в MapCraft.

Статистика по изменённым объектам:

statistics statistics statistics statistics statistics statistics

Активность пользователей (количество последних версий объектов, принадлежащих тому или иному участнику):


Спасибо пользователю dudka за то, что опубликовал эти данные.

6 участников внесли более 52 000 изменений в 226 пакетах правок. Примечательно, что по последнему параметру эта неделя сравнялась с первым недельным заданием или даже немного перегнала его: тогда "было отправлено более 220 пакетов правок".

Кстати, интерфейс сайта ResultMaps немного изменился: теперь там размещено больше информации. Например, по его данным, были созданы 6 166 зданий. У меня почему-то получилось другое число :)

Конечно, работа над Ивано-Франковском ещё не закончена. Если у вас не получилось принять участие в рисовании центральной части города, можете помаппить окраины. Для этого заведён отдельный пирог, и здесь нет ограничения по времени.

На этой неделе: отмечаем входы/выходы.

Location: Пасечная, Ивано-Франковск, Ивано-Франковский городской совет, Ивано-Франковская область, Украина


Posted by FreedSky on 21 May 2015 in Chinese (China) (‪中文(中国大陆)‬)

Mesorregiões e Microrregiões do Brasil

Posted by BladeTC on 20 May 2015 in Portuguese (Português)

Finalmente concluí a adição de todas as Mesorregiões (admin_level:5) e Microrregiões (admin_level:7). A região Sudeste ja existiam, só adicionei o que faltava. A fonte de dados foi a do IBGE pode encontrar mais aqui. O único local que não possui divisas administrativas níveis 5 e 7 é o Distrito Federal.

Que trabalheira! Agora estou sem idéias pra fazer....

(EN) Finally I completed the addition of all Mesoregions (admin_level: 5) and Microregions (admin_level: 7). The 'Sudeste' (Southeast region) already existed, only added what was missing. The data source was the IBGE can find more here. The only place that does not have administrative levels 5 and 7 is the 'Distrito Federal'.

Now I run out of ideas....

Abraços BladeTC

Location: Porto Velho, Mato Grosso, Região Centro-Oeste, Brasil

Public Transport VIENNA

Posted by emergency99 on 19 May 2015 in English (English)


To incorporate the "public_transport" scheme into the Vienna Map (in a form which will render correctly on the ThunderForest transport map and is readable by the overpass API) I will, in the next few months, go through all of Vienna's city bus lines (1A-99B), and change the stops as follows: A "bus stop" with the attribute "p_t = platform" directly to the (concessed) stops position (or at bus stop shelters, if any) Link to WIKI I will apply this scheme now (2015) to all Viennese city bus lines and possibly the lines 106, 124 and 125. The regional bus stops I'll only maybe adjust, there are some regional buses missing, and I do not know my way around so well with the regional lines. If, however, someone could adapt these lines and check for accuracy I would appreciate that ;)

Kind regards emergency99 (RobinD)

Location: Mühlschüttel, Donaufeld, Floridsdorf, Vienna, 1210, Austria

Osiedle Górnica w Andrychowie

Posted by wAndrychowiepl on 19 May 2015 in Polish (Polski)

Trwa zabudowa i korekta układu drogowego na tym andrychowskim osiedlu. Jak ktoś chętny, to niech dołączy :)

Location: Górnica, Andrychów, gmina Andrychów, powiat wadowicki, województwo małopolskie, Polska

Vikumberg, Fünfenberg, Tabor nad Botačem, Draški Tabor, Tabor di Draga, Castello di Moccó, Lorencan, Sv. Lorenc

Posted by Zeno Kugy on 19 May 2015 in English (English)

I try to make some order concerning the ruins of Tabor of Draga (node 2446922919), of Moccó-Zabrežec castle (node 2446922916), and of Fünfenberg/Vikumberg (node 2448428184). I will also discuss the overlapping Lorencan (node 325711255).

These area have been edited/deleted/reverted many times, very likely in good faith believing to fix errors, but actually introducing wrong names, removing correct ones, and messing up positions. What made things more complicated is that all these localities are referred with names in at least three different languages (German, Italian, Slovenian), and the same applies also to documents. This post is intended to share information about the topic, trying to get these nodes finally correct and stable.

First of all, two useful links showing maps of the area:

Lorencan (aka Sv.Lorenc) is just the name of the spur where the Tabor of Draga is erected. It hosts also an archaelogical site. Source:

While the locations of the Moccó and Draga castles are quite clear (near Moccó and Draga, where else?), it is Fünfenberg / Vikumberg that causes some problems.

According the the book "Guida del Carso Triestino" von Dante Cannarella, 1970, Vikumberg/Fünfenberg is a synonym of Moccó.

According to "I castelli del Carso medioevale", cited in "the castle Fünfenberg, also known as Vicumbergo, was located on a spur over the houses of Botazzo", "it was known at the end of its existence as Tabor of Draga".

The two above citations are wrong and were more recently amended:

According to Radacich in "Val Rosandra. Guida alla sua storia e ai suoi piccolo segreti", 2009, in fact, "much information were passed from author to author without verifications"

According to a post in a forum about Trieste history ( : "this castle had many names during his history: castle of Draga, of Vicumberg, of Vinchumberg and at end tower of Fünfenberg to distinguish it from another castle of Fünfenberg located not far from the Slovenian locality of Beka".

According to Italian Wikipedia (, "The Tabor of Draga (historically named Taber, called also erroneously Castle of Draga, in Slovenian Tabor nad Botačem or Draški Tabor) is located … on a spur above the hamlet of Botac - Botazzo, in Rosandra valley", "The tabor has benn often confused with the medieval castle of Vinchimberch near Beka, of completely different nature and epoch". Approximately The same in Slovenian Wikipedia (

According to Italian Wikipedia (, "The Castle of Vinchimberch was build on the top of a hill located at the confluence of the Rosandra creek Grižnik creeks, in elevated position, although far from villages and roads","1249 the bishop of Trieste allowed Almerico Charsperch to build a castle in locality Dinga". According to Wikipedia Dinga should correspond to Pod Lorenzon near Botazzo, although I suppose it corresponds to the nearby Trenka. Anyway both these localities are located on the same hill, so that doesn't matter very much. The same in Slovenian wikipedia ( )

Both entries in Wikipedia cite:

  • Fulvio Colombo, Il "taber" di Draga e la genesi delle strutture erette a difesa delle incursioni turche nei dintorni di Trieste alla fine del quattrocento, v "Archeografo Triestino", CX, 2002, str. 285-322
  • Maurizio Radacich, Val Rosandra: guida alla sua storia e ai suoi piccoli segreti, edizioni Italo Svevo, Trieste 2009


1) There are actually three different castle ruins, not just two:

  • Castle of Moccó- Zabrežec (node 2446922916)
  • Tabor di Draga = Tabor nad Botačem = Draški Tabor (node 2446922919)
  • Vinchimberch = Vikumberg (node 2448428184)

2) The name Fünfenberg has been used by some authors for all three castles. To avoid further confusion I would avoid using it as an official name, just as old_name.

3) Lorencan = Sv. Lorenc is just the name of the spur and archeological site where the Tabor of Draga was erected (node 325711255)

Location: Beka, Hrpelje - Kozina, Upravna enota Sežana, Obalno-kraška, Slovenia

Öffentlicher Verkehr WIEN

Posted by emergency99 on 19 May 2015 in German (Deutsch)


Um das "public_transport" Schema in die Wiener Map einzuarbeiten (auch in einer Form die auf der Thunderforest Verkehrskarte richtig gerendert wird und mit der Overpass API fverwendbar ist) werde ich in den nächsten Monaten alle Wiener Stadtbuslinien (1A-99B) durchgehen, und die Haltestellen folgendermaßen ändern: Eine "Bushaltestelle" mit dem Attribut "p_t=platform" direkt auf der (konzessionierten) Haltestellenposition (oder am Haltestellenhäuschen, falls existent). Link zur WIKI Dieses Schema werde ich nun (2015) auf alle Wiener Stadtbuslinien und ev. die Linien 106, 124 und 125 anwenden. Die Regionalbushaltestellen werde ich nur vielleicht anpassen, da auch einige Regionalbusse fehlen, und ich mich mit den Regionallinien nicht so gut auskenne. Falls sich aber jemand findet, der diese Linien anpassen und auf richtigkeit überprüfen könnte würde mich das freuen ;).

LG emergency99 (RobinD)

Location: Mühlschüttel, Donaufeld, Floridsdorf, Wien, 1210, Österreich

OSM 3D-Ausgabe in Printprodukt

Posted by artus70 on 19 May 2015 in German (Deutsch)

Erstmals haben wir aus OSM generierte 3D-Ansichten in einem Printprodukt verwendet: ("Bildschirmansicht" wählen, darin PDF-Seite 4 bzw. Print-Seite 6). Alle sind begeistert, mit wie wenig Aufwand sich die entsprechende Illustration anfertigen ließ. :-) (Ok, die 3D-Modellierung der Gebäude in OSM gab's zum Glück bereits.)

Ein "schöner" Export der Darstellung von f4map als Vektorgrafik ist m.W. leider nicht möglich, darum musste ein simpler Screenshot herhalten.

Hier (pi mal Daumen) die Online-Ansicht des verwendeten Landkartenausschnitts, beim Erzeugen des Screenshots waren lediglich Bäume und dergleichen ausgeblendet worden:

Campus Wechloy der Universität Oldenburg in 3D (f4map)

Location: Kennedyviertel, Bloherfelde, Oldenburg, Niedersachsen, 26129, Deutschland

Mileage markers

Posted by ECITampa on 18 May 2015 in English (English)

Companies that operate along highways servicing the trucking industry reference mileage markers. When a truck breaks down they often describe their position as mile marker 124 on I-10 for example.

Is there any resource in OSM that provides for input of this information or does a map layer already exist?

Thanks, in advance.

Location: Enclave Village Drive, Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida, 33647, United States of America

Road has to be alined from this point

Posted by ajithkarunaratne on 18 May 2015 in English (English)

Road has to be alined from this point

Location: Peradeniya - Badulla - Chenkaladi Road, Passara, Uva, Sri Lanka

Центрально-Городской район Кривого Рога: на пути к совершенству

Posted by GVA2001 on 18 May 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Вот уже я 5 месяцев вношу новые данные в OpenStreetMap. И чем больше я редактирую карту, тем больше мне сервис нравится. В нём есть такая особенность, чего нет ни в одной другой карте: здесь можно обозначать всё. А я — творческий человек, и такие понятие как "бордюр" и "скамейка" для меня являются важной частью карты.

Если честно, то я сам от себя не ожидал такого успеха:

Но до идеала далеко. Я понимаю, что как следует ещё ничего не нарисовано. Обязательно найдётся такая деталь, которую я ещё не обозначил.

Выражаю большую благодарность пользователям Lokki и D-I за то, что выполнили базовую работу по всему городу.


Posted by 單車在香港CyclingHK on 18 May 2015 in Chinese (Taiwan) (‪中文(台灣)‬)

OpenStreetMap and the Fourth Wall

Posted by Alyssa Wright on 18 May 2015 in English (English)

Nokia’s announced intention to sell HERE has sparked a frenzy of speculation around new ownership. Will it be a consortium of automobile manufacturers? Will it be Uber? Will it be Baidu? Coverage is high on speculation (and tabloid excitement) as the rumored buyers come from many markets and corners of the world.

Two key facts have emerged from the coverage. First, map data is laced throughout many critical industries. From automotive to local search to mobile to business logistics to enterprise business intelligence, map data is a critical asset upon which a huge variety of services are built. Second, there are very few reliable worldwide source of that map data. This combination of wide-ranging importance and scarcity raises the stakes for the eventual owner of the HERE data. And for those who lose access to that data either due to competitive issues or a change in business focus.

What keeps surprising me is how ownership is the main question. I wonder if we’re not asking the wrong question. Instead of asking “Who should own this scarce asset?” maybe the right question should be “Why shouldn't this valuable asset be owned by everybody?” If map data is so critical to so many industries, maybe the right answer is that it should be open, supported and used by all.

Google, TomTom, and Nokia HERE keep getting listed as the three spatial data sources available. Why do we forget the fourth one? The one most transparent to the audience, the one we all own and work on together? What about OpenStreetMap?

OpenStreetMap is the invisible fourth wall and it’s time to break it. It’s time to stop investing billions of dollars in the ownership of an increasingly antiquated dataset and instead invest in leveling the playing field. When digital maps were first created, collecting data about streets, places, addresses and geography was a specialized task, requiring expensive equipment, sophisticated systems and expert workers. Today, billions of people carry and drive devices that are fully capable of collecting and recording that data every day. Maps are based on physical fact. They are there for anyone to observe, capture, and record. It is time for companies to look at working transparently and in the open so we can turn location into something we all share.

This is the time. The world has never been more ready for an alternative to proprietary map data. People have never been more capable of collecting that data. And governments have never been more interested in pushing their own data out into the public domain. Let’s all share map data so we can innovate from a place of experience rather than scarcity and hoarding.

With the Nokia HERE deal supposedly closing at the end of the month, the timing for the largest ever OpenStreetMap conference June 6-8th at the United Nations is even more appropriate. We’ll be talking about how open geo data can transform an industry and our experiences amidst a radically changing business climate. Whether you represent a company, a government or a local community, we invite you to come and invest in open.

Alyssa Wright | President OSM US

Время работы организации

Posted by sokrat84 on 18 May 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Подскажите как проставить время работы организации или магазина, не могу найти

noexit=* ...

Posted by MKnight on 17 May 2015 in German (Deutsch)

... stinkt derb nach ner Wochenaufgabe*

Bin gestern via Forum bei Osmose - endlich auch in .de brauchbar (scheinbar mit Ausnahmen) - (erschreckend, an wievielen Fehlern und/oder Inkonsistenzen ich bisher vorbeigelaufen bin) gelandet, und das haut mir als nem passionierten QA-Junkie übelst in die Fresse. Man kann da bei Osmose (siehe Forumthread) direkt nach Benutzernamen suchen. Ich begrüsse das ausserordentlich, das hab ich bei OSMi und Keepright bisher vermisst.

Jetzt hab ich - achtung gleich kommt der Sprung zum Topic - mir "meine" zuletzt bearbeiteten Elemente mal etwas genauer angeschaut und da ist unfassbar viel Mist und unglaublich wenig false positive dabei. (Disclaimer: Der Mist ist nicht zwingend vom letzten Bearbeiter - also im Spezialfall hier (nicht) von mir) Besonders hervorgetan hat sich da "noexit". Ich hab da erstmal bisschen auf Osmose rumgeklickt, dadurch, dass das so gehäuft auftritt hab ich mir dann mal ne Overpass (auf ways) gestrickt und klein angefangen.

Das Wiki sagt:

Der Weg muss für alle Verkehrsteilnehmer enden (LKW-Fahrer und Autofahrer und Radfahrer und Fußgänger und Reiter und …). 

Das war mir bisher auch nicht so eindeutig, ich hatte das bisher immer eher auf die klassische Sackgasse in Bezug auf Verkehr gemünzt. (auch wenn ich das selbst eher selten gemappt habe)

Josm bringt spannenderweise auch keine Warnung - obwohl das Wiki sagt, dass noexit auf (end-)Nodes anzuwenden ist. Die Welt ist voll von Ways mit dem Tag. JA! Tatsächlich auch auf echte Sackgassen, und dort zu etwa 50% auf backwards (!?fsmowl)

[*] nöö, ich hab da keine Ambitionen was in die Wege zu leiten. Ich schau mir die näxten Tage Thüringen an und korrigiere, was bei Bing oder nach survey für mich eindeutig ist.

TL:DR: noexit auf Wegen ist (auch laut Wiki) WIRKLICH IMMER falsch. Ich habe bei meinen Prüfungen nicht einen Weg gefunden, wo mir das irgendwie grenzwertig vorkam.

Как обозначить последний рабочий день во времени работы

Posted by bigopenmac on 17 May 2015 in Russian (Русский)

Подскажите, пожалуйста, как описать время работы "понедельник-пятница с 9:00 до 17:00, последний рабочий день месяца с 9:00 до 14:00"

Когда надо обозначить, например, "3-я среда месяца санитарный день", то пишу We[3] off. А тут какой вариант ни пробовал, JOSM ругался при валидаци. В вики описано использование wd, но в обсуждении поднят вопрос, что эти weekdays в разных странах не совпадают. Mo-Fr[-1] 09:00-14:00 JOSM тоже не принимает.


Posted by 單車在香港CyclingHK on 17 May 2015 in Chinese (Taiwan) (‪中文(台灣)‬)


Posted by 單車在香港CyclingHK on 17 May 2015 in Chinese (Taiwan) (‪中文(台灣)‬)
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