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Ashgabat's western suburbs

Posted by apm-wa on 4 February 2018 in English (English)

Ann and I celebrated my completion (more or less) of drawing the boundaries of Ashgabat's four boroughs (etraplar) with a Sunday drive to some of the villages across the border in Ahal welayat (province) to the west. We collected a few POIs and street names, and did some ground truth. The battery died on our Samsung Galaxy we use for collecting Mapillary imagery and the backup battery was also not fully charged...sorry about that (note to self: remember to recharge ALL batteries the night before).

Location: Köpetdag, Nowata, Ahal, Turkmenistan


Posted by Ali Mohamud on 3 February 2018 in English (English)


Location: Stubenviertel, KG Innere Stadt, Innere Stadt, Vienna, 1010, Austria

Open Mapping in Manila, for Open Data Day 2018

Posted by GOwin on 2 February 2018 in English (English)

The Free Software and Open Data advocates of Manila is going to celebrate international Open Data Day 2018 on March 3, Saturday with an afternoon of Open Mapping workshops in San Juan Campus of the Polytechnic University of the Philppines, in Metro Manila.

The event is open to everyone, with parallel activities available, depending on your experience and interest:

  • [Workshop] Introduction to Open Mapping with OpenStreetMap
  • [Workshop] Intermediate+ Mapping on JOSM
  • [Unconference] Open (geo)Data for Disaster Preparedness and Resiliency.

In the beginner's workshop, a computer laboratory will be available for your use. Limited seats are available.

In the intermediate workshop, participants are required to bring their own laptops, with JOSM already installed. This workshop is intended for participants with some JOSM experience.

No computers are necessary for the unconference. Just bring some enthusiasm, and an open mind.

Registration is free. Just head over here to get your free ticket:

Refreshments and swags are to be given away, for registered participants.

Location: Alvir Compound, Little Baguio, Isabelita, District 2, San Juan, Metro Manila, 1500, Philippines

Releasing Turn Restriction Detections

Posted by daniel-j-h on 1 February 2018 in English (English)

We are releasing 10.4k turn restriction detections located across 5.2k intersections for the OpenStreetMap community.


Raw GeoJSON data

These turn restriction detections were sourced by applying our machine learning computer vision models to Bing Streetside imagery. Mapbox has acquired the right to contribute these detections to OSM.

“Detections” are not really the same thing as turn restrictions. Rather, they are suspected, but unverified turn restrictions. We are planning to manually verify these turn restrictions, and our data team is working through the list, but the first pass produced thousands of candidates, so verification will take a while. We do think these can be useful to the OSM community, who may wish to move faster on improving OSM based on these detections.

To be clear, the Streetside imagery is not available for direct editing by the community at large. However, subject to its terms and conditions, it can be used for personal reference for examining the source of the detections, so we have included URLs to the image associated with each detection.

Examples from the Streetside Imagery API:

antigua data on a garmin gpsmap64s

Posted by Lee De Cola on 1 February 2018 in English (English)

downloaded osm data to use while driving on/sailing about the island. simply a lifesaver while driving in an area with many narrow, potholed, unmarked roads!

2 problems:

*the map display was generally dark, monochrome, and difficult to read while bouncing around.

*it seemed like where ever i wanted to go that took me from north to south i was often routed thru St Johns, the capital, with narrow hard-to-navigate streets - any idea why?

thanks for a great service!

Location: Reston Town Center, Reston, Fairfax County, Virginia, 20194, United States of America

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.7.1

Posted by kocio on 31 January 2018 in English (English)

Dear all,

Today, v4.7.1 of the openstreetmap-carto stylesheet (the defaultstylesheet on the OSM website) has been released. Once changes are deployed on the it will take couple of days before all tiles show the new rendering.

This is a bugfix release, the only change is a code fixing this rendering problem:

Thanks to all the contributors for this release.

For a full list of commits, see

As always, we welcome any bug reports at


Posted by neha tyagi on 31 January 2018 in English (English)

nothing to write will soon update it

Beaudesert Mapping Party Coming Soon (10th Feb!)

Posted by David Dean on 30 January 2018 in English (English)

Hi mapper, welcome to (almost) February,

February's Mapping Party for Brisbane will be a little bit out of town this time: Beaudesert, but I hope I can encourage a good turnout.

The mapping party will be on Saturday 10th Feb, and we will be meeting in the morning for coffee, then surveying, and enjoying a free lunch in the Scenic Rim Council building while we help each other with our iDing and JOSMing, etc.

If you are a bit daunted by the trip from Brisbane to Beaudesert [1], I'd be happy to give you a lift there and back, so let me know. I'm happy to grab you from basically anywhere in Brisbane.

More details on the event are at and please use that link to RSVP so we can plan appropriate amounts of food.

If you can't make it to Beaudesert, please turn up for the monthly Geospatial Network in Brisbane City on Wed 7 Feb ( and keep representing OSM to the local GIS community (I won't be able to be there myself, unfortunately though).

  • David

[1] About an hour:

Location: Helen Street, Beaudesert, Queensland, 4285, Australia

Data Classification with Human Cognition

Posted by grass_and_green on 30 January 2018 in English (English)

Dear Folks,

The study that investigates how human categorize geographic objects in VGI project generally and OSM particularly still need your support

Vist and participate here

Look for results of pilot study, have impression on how objects are recognized differently

Thanks in advance,

Dr. Ahmed Loai Ali

contact me

Add some style - getting the style you need

Posted by pnorman on 30 January 2018 in English (English)

This is a repost of an entry on my blog.

Last post ended with downloading OpenStreetMap data. This post will leave the data aside and switch to downloading and building a style. There's lots of styles available, but we're going to use OpenStreetMap Carto, the current default on Also, because we need software not packaged in Debian, that needs to be installed.

For the script, we're going to assume that the carto binary is in the PATH. Unfortunately, this requires installation, which requires npm, which itself needs to be installed.

Given nodejs and npm is a huge headache of versions, the easiest route I've found is to install nvm, then install nodejs 6 with nvm install 6. CartoCSS is then installed with npm install -g carto.

The shell script starts off with some variables from last time.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -euf -o pipefail

OpenStreetMap Carto is hosted on Github, which offers the ability to download a project as a zip file. This is the logical way to get it, but isn't usable from a script because the internal structure of the zip file isn't easily predicted. Instead, we'll clone it with git, only getting the specific revision needed.

rm -rf -- 'openstreetmap-carto'
git -c advice.detachedHead=false clone --quiet --depth 1 \
  --branch "${OSMCARTO_VERSION}" -- "${OSMCARTO_LOCATION}" 'openstreetmap-carto'

Setting advice.detachedHead=false for this command avoids a warning about a detached HEAD, which is expected.

OpenStreetMap Carto sets the database name to be "gis". There are various ways to override this for development, but in this case we want to override it for the generated XML file. Fortunately, the database name only appears once, as dbname: "gis" in project.mml. One way to override it would be to remove the line and rely on the libpq environment variables like PGDATABASE. Another is replacing "gis" with a different name. It's not clear which is better, but I decided to go with replacing the name, using a patch which git applies.

export PGDATABASE='osmcarto_prerender'

git -C 'openstreetmap-carto' apply << EOF
diff --git a/project.mml b/project.mml
index b8c3217..a41e550 100644
--- a/project.mml
+++ b/project.mml
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ _parts:
     srs: "+proj=longlat +ellps=WGS84 +datum=WGS84 +no_defs"
   osm2pgsql: &osm2pgsql
     type: "postgis"
-    dbname: "gis"
+    dbname: "${PGDATABASE}"
     key_field: ""
     geometry_field: "way"
     extent: "-20037508,-20037508,20037508,20037508"

With project.mml patched, it's easy to generate the Mapnik XML, because CartoCSS was installed earlier.

carto -a 3.0.12 'openstreetmap-carto/project.mml' > 'openstreetmap-carto/project.xml'

Lastly, OpenStreetMap Carto needs some data files like coastlines. It comes with a script to download them, so we run it.


Taking all of this and re-arranging it as, we end up with the following script.

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -euf -o pipefail


rm -rf -- 'openstreetmap-carto'
git -c advice.detachedHead=false clone --quiet --depth 1 \
  --branch "${OSMCARTO_VERSION}" -- "${OSMCARTO_LOCATION}" 'openstreetmap-carto'
carto -a 3.0.12 'openstreetmap-carto/project.mml' > 'openstreetmap-carto/project.xml'


Updates on mapping and possible solutions

Posted by DearPaulPH on 29 January 2018 in English (English)

Traffic Islands

Most Highways and Major City Roads in Dasmarinas City have traffic islands installed, along with other safety features, to prevent fatal head-on collision which is a safety concern among the motorists and pedestrians. Hence, the updated split-segment route is now deployed, along with some safety mechanisms (like adding barriers with 'traffic island' in the middle of the split-segment routes) and other landmarks.

Washington Place

As a resident of Washington Place (Philippines), all street names and amenities are hereby mapped, through the receipt of the required maps from the developer. Most major roads (with bike routes) within Washington Place are mapped with the required reference number (from WP1 to WP5) for better accessibility to amenities.

Problems on Washington Place Homeowners' Association

Due to problems in WPHOA (along with the arrogant and disrespectful residents and officials way back 2016-2017; including the flagrant violation of PWD rights and privileges under BP 344, RA 9442 and RA 10366, and the continued refusal to disclose the required documents by a certain village administration company), the duly-elected HOA officials (from the legitimate Washington Place residents and not the developer) are awaiting for the final resolution from the HLURB, and DEARPAUL have filed most of the traffic violations to the local Traffic Management Office and PWD Affairs Office. Sooner or later, Land Transportation Office will be the next for the report of most traffic violations.

Location: Washington Place, Dasmariñas, Cavite, Calabarzon, 4114, Philippines

Ashgabat's Boroughs Reduced to Four, New Boundaries Need to be Drawn

Posted by apm-wa on 29 January 2018 in English (English)

Here comes another project for me, drawing boundaries of the four boroughs of greater Ashgabat:

January 5, 2018, Ashgabat Borough Boundaries

While at it, I will update the municipal boundary as well. This will take some time, so please be patient!

Location: Seydi (2005) kocesi, Ashgabat, 744006, Turkmenistan

give the hackerspaces some love

Posted by scruss on 29 January 2018 in English (English)

So my new job needs me to meet with many hackerspace/makerspace organizers in my area. You'd think they'd all be up on OSM, right? Nope.

Most of the leisure=hackerspace entries in Canada are wildly out of date. Quite a few had shut down, and many new ones haven't been added.

While we can't exactly import directly from HackerspaceWiki, it's a good place to start. Sure, it's out of date in places, but at least it gives you names and websites to research near you. If the space is still active, it's probably got a few recent Twitter mentions or an active blog.

The new job? Thought you'd never ask. It's the regional organizer for Makers Making Change. We use makerspace technology to get open-source assistive technologies to people with disabilities who need them.

First Time Editing, Thoughts and Plans for the Future Work

Posted by Nedim Gegic on 28 January 2018 in English (English)

Today is my first day of editing here on Open Street Maps. I used OSM few times before but never edited anything. Today I decided to contribute and here I am. I did some road corrections in a village near my town and I added few roads there and a few houses and building.

Going over the work done by contributors before I have to note that most of the things are there, outlined, but they're not correctly positioned. I'm not sure if it could've happened that because of some update roads and buildings move a bit from their place. But anyways in a next few months I will put all the things in their place and hopefully add everything else as well. Correcting smaller areas, like villages is no problem at all since there are not many things and it's not that crowded, but the problem will be when I start doing corrections in my hometown Lukavac. There are many things (roads, buildings, railways, and etc.) and since on top of all of that they're out of their place it's hard to look at that and navigate. I might, when I come to doing corrections at that place, delete everything in a block or two and start a new, unless I find a way to turn off certain things from showing up while I'm doing work on other things.(For ex. hiding buildings while I'm correcting roads)

All my nearby contributors are not active. Most of them logged in 5-6 years ago and from the younger ones there are few that logged in around 11 months ago but made no contributions. So I guess I'll have to do this all by myself. I might ask someone from my uni or hometown to join me but honestly I doubt anyone will do it.

So for now I'll mostly be doing corrections on the existing things and then I'll start adding the missing things.

Location: Turski Lukavac, Lukavac, Lukavac municipality, Tuzla Canton, 75300, B&amp;H

No, there's still more!

Posted by AkuAnakTimur on 28 January 2018 in English (English)


pokemon=yes and all that. Good time to propose them, I guess ;-)

Responding to the collaborative mapping in Peru

Posted by karitotp on 27 January 2018 in English (English)

Natural disasters happen at anytime and anywhere in the world. Unfortunately on this occasion, an 6.8 magnitude earthquake affected the southwest Peru that mainly hit the Arequipa and Ayacucho departments.

Given this, the OSM Peru community called for a #MapeoColaborativo, where Development Seed's data team as part of the community has participated actively in mapping and validation of the 6 tasks that were opened for the affected provinces, in which more than 7000 objects between buildings and roads were mapped. screenshot from 2018-01-27 15-20-23 Incuyo province 100% mapped and validated

These data are important to bring humanitarian aid and give immediate response to the affected places and are available for use by Government institutions such as National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), National Institute of Civil Defense (INDECI), and any organization or initiative that responds to emergency events.

OpenStreetMap Carto release v4.7.0

Posted by kocio on 26 January 2018 in English (English)

Dear all,

Today, v4.7.0 of the openstreetmap-carto stylesheet (the default stylesheet on the OSM website) has been released. Once changes are deployed on the it will take couple of days before all tiles show the new rendering.

Changes include

  • Adding icon for tourism=apartment
  • Adding icon for leisure=firepit
  • Yellow background for amenity=arts_centre
  • Start rendering natural=heath earlier
  • Start rendering entrances
  • Changing tourism=picnic_site icon colour to green
  • Move emergency=phone to higher zoom level
  • Rendering seasonal waterways as intermittent
  • Update Noto fonts to Phase III
  • Fine-tuning of bridge labels
  • Documentation changes and updates

Thanks to all the contributors for this release.

For a full list of commits, see

As always, we welcome any bug reports at

Lavander Ct is spelled

Posted by zmb5000 on 25 January 2018 in English (English)

Hi there!

The address attached to the link above is misspelled. This misspelling is causing some issues with the project my team is working on. If needed, I can provide more information as to what issues are being caused, and provide a picture/pictures as well. Please let me know what I can do to help correct this issue. Thank you.

Location: Azalea Homes, Orange County, Florida, United States of America

Some problems of Russian forum

Posted by calmness on 25 January 2018 in English (English)

An information about some problems of Russian forum was here. A letter to the Communication Working Group was written also. The Communication Working Group can solve all these problems. It is going to be good.

Thank you.

200th bus stop

Posted by contrapunctus on 24 January 2018 in English (English)

Today I mapped my 200th bus stop in Delhi, which makes up 42% of the bus stops there. [1]

As my edit history must make apparent, I'm mapping like mad these days, which sort of worries me. Nearly all the edits I see in my region's history are mine, excluding the gigantic transcontinental commits.

Haven't met any local mappers yet. It's not the easiest thing to do, given that all the nearby accounts I've seen are either non-contributors or simply profile spammers. I'm aware of Nearby users and the tools it mentions, and I've given them a spin...I guess I need to put in more effort.

[1] I obtain these figures by using the Overpass Turbo query "(highway=bus_stop or public_transport=platform) in Delhi" to download in a fresh instance of JOSM [2], selecting all the objects, and looking in the Authors pane; I need to discount two bus stops which I mapped as areas rather than the usual nodes.

[2] Back to using JOSM, but now in conjunction with OsmAnd and with less Osmtracker. The time finally came for me to start making bus route relations instead of just writing down bus routes in note= fields.