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Area needs work

Posted by Munchabunch on 19 August 2014 in English (English)

The area around where US #321 crosses the South Edisto River could use some attention.

Location: Carolina Highway, Sweden, Bamberg, South Carolina, 29042, United States of America

OSM Quality

Posted by R0bst3r on 19 August 2014 in English (English)

To improve quality I use from time to time the following tools:

After the use of all of this tools to find possible errors, the mapping of my regions looks much better than before and I have learned a lot.

Keep on mapping! But think first!!

JOSM for Mac?

Posted by TorCguy on 18 August 2014 in English (English)

I have been editing with Potlatch 2, but would like to upgrade to JOSM. Is there a way to run JOSM on a Mac OS?

Location: Spruce Street, Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico, 87901, United States of America

EBNM area for VFR flight and airport circuit training

Posted by Pedrito on 17 August 2014 in English (English)

Hi. I just completed the mapping of buildings in Temploux. Next steps are Rhisnes and Bovesse, that the airport circuit of Temploux should avoid. Best P

Lower Part of Andorra

Posted by lib2know on 16 August 2014 in English (English)

On Saturday 23rd is "World Linux Day". At the same time "Festa Major d'Arinsal". So we celebrate the World Linux Day with Tapas in Arinsal.

While making the invitations i found Llum d'Oli might be hard to find in the middle of a big gray "residential area". So i worked out some details of lower Arinsal like that: lower Arinsal Map. Much better than before :-)

Only mistake i added a "note" cause i thought thats a kind of private mark. Then i released it but it is still visible. How can i make it disappear?

Location: Carretera l'Escaladella, Mas de Ribafeta, La Massana, Andorra

Tram lines on Riga map

Posted by Yevgeshik on 16 August 2014 in English (English)

Hi to All,

I am just wondering who recently partly erased tram lines on Riga map and why/? I would like them back. Please.

Thank you.

Upload zoom-dependent?

Posted by zwe on 15 August 2014 in English (English)

Hi experienced users, as a newby I redraw some roads in north-east India, using JOSM, based on recent GPS traces. Originally some of these roads were rather inaccurate - straight lines between few points. After uploading them with many more points, OSM shows the new road lines only with certain zoom factors whereas the old - inaccurate - roads are shown both at higher and lower zoom factors. What did I do wrong? What should I do differently? ZWE

Location: Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag, Samdrup Jongkhar District, Bhutan

San Ysidro, CA, United States: Detail-Mapping the busiest land border crossing area in the world

Posted by The Temecula Mapper on 14 August 2014 in English (English)

Down to the Border

San Ysidro Port of Entry area San Ysidro Port of Entry area

I was down in the San Ysidro area which is the southernmost suburb of San Diego, California a few weeks ago. I visited (but did not cross) the busiest worldwide land border crossing which separates the USA and Tijuana, Mexico. There were lots of features that I found which needed to mapped on the US side alone. In fact it took me 8 separate changesets to get all the data tagged into JOSM and uploaded to OSM. Anyway, here are some features:

San Ysidro Port area features:

  • San Ysidro Transit Center and surrounding bus stations.
  • Numerous fast food outets including the McDonald's Trolley Station.
  • Tagged the bathrooms at the Trolley Station McD's as a fee-based toilet.
  • Found and tagged a few other fast food outlets in the area including another McDonald's--Customers can use those toilets free :)
  • Benches and drinking fountain amenities along the pathway to Mexico near the historic Old Customs House.
  • Drinking fountains at the transit station which are located under the pedestrian bridge.
  • Numerous Baja-Mex currency trading outlets.
  • Locations of border crossing parking lots.
  • Locations non-public parking lots which are tagged as "private" or "customer".
  • Detailed-mapped area sidewalks, crossings and landscaping.
  • El Bordo, Tijuana - Known by some as "Deportee Purgatory" (loc_name), El Bordo is a makeshift shantytown within the dry mud and concrete Tijuana River between the Mexican port and downtown Tijuana. Unofficial estimated population is 2,000-3,000 according to sources. Added the neighborhood as a point of awareness.
  • Note that the address numbers, and some of the public bus stops, the transit station and a few shops and restaurants were already added by other OSM mappers.

By the way, construction upgrades of the San Ysidro port are moving along which includes operations of the new port office/station building, the shelter covering the northbound primary vehicle inspection area and the secondary inspection area shelter. The northbound pedestrian inspection area is what's left of the previous port building. Also, the primary southbound inspection area on the US side now uses a temporary tent shelter. Across the border, the southbound Mexican port was moved alongside the Tijuana River a few years ago. US officials plan to realign the southbound lanes over the existing SVG Venture parking lot on the US side to better align the southbound lanes with the El Chaparral port.

If you're planning on editing this region, please feel free to do. But keep in mind that the Bing and other satellite imagery are a few years old and most still show the previous port building, pedestrian bridge and southbound routing which are demolished and no longer there.

Happy mapping from The Temecula Mapper!

Location: Park Haven, San Diego, Rainbow, San Diego County, California, 92173, United States of America

Impossible export

Posted by temim michael on 14 August 2014 in English (English)

hey i'm trying ton export in pdf, svg or jpeg file a part of a map and i always get this message :

Error The load average on the server is too high at the moment. Please wait a few minutes before trying again.

did someone know how to fix the problem thanks ;) michael

My profile

Posted by DOUGOHMS on 14 August 2014 in English (English)

dougohms also called omara is a ugandan by descent and lives in the cities of lira and kampala

Mapbox satellite view experiment

Posted by kucai on 14 August 2014 in English (English)

Been trying to get more zoom than just level 17 with iD and Potlatch. I tried using browser zoom view, which is quite usable for Chrome and Mozilla, but doesn't work with IE. It didn't work with Potlatch either, the satellite view remained constant regardless of browser zoom level.

Also, using iD on 19in monitor with max browser zoom, will leave about 2 inches of vertical editing area. To get best alignment, I left out the tagging process for later so that I get to trace with thin lines instead of the fat iD highway line types.

It was a slow process. I'll rather wait for better imagery (or JOSM implementation of iD zoom interpolation) for those areas, which we'll probably get in 3 years. Hopefully!

Location: Taman Sri Semantan, Taman Permai Indah, Temerloh, Gemas, Negeri Sembilan, 28000, Malaysia

Workaround: How to fix the retina problem.

Posted by Shmias on 13 August 2014 in English (English)

Are you a happy owner of a retina display? Then you might already experienced the mixed blessing of the 99% of the internet being not retina-ready. unfortunately is a part of this 99%.

openstreetmap on retina openstreetmap on retina

Here is my quick workaround for this problem:

  1. Go to
  2. Press + 0
  3. Press + - four times.

As you see the openstreetmap now looks as great as google maps or apple maps and less like bing maps.

By the way: The openstreetmap based service MapBox is offering retina tiles too.

How about Video-Mapping?

Posted by Yabba on 13 August 2014 in English (English)

Googele is mapping by Video-Cars. Why should not OSM use those posibilities?

Here you see a playlist with Videos including GPS-data from Wronki to Sieraków and Sieraków to Międzychód (Poland).

intermittent streams in arid environment

Posted by TorCguy on 12 August 2014 in English (English)

I have been shown the error of my ways. So I went back and changed those streams that had been marked as 'intermittent=dry' back to '=yes' as per standard usage. If I missed any, let me know.

It was also pointed out that I could use 'waterway=wadi' but this does not symbolize, and only shows up as a black line. Thus I hesitate to use this combination. But, in much of eastern Sierra County, this would be appropriate. Any thoughts?

It would be nice if OSM would use a dashed line when streams are marked as 'intermittent=yes' because it looks a little strange to have all these solid blue lines out here in the desert.

When I made maps for Dept of Defense, we categorized drainage with three levels of flow regime: perennial, intermittent and ephemeral. This is because the dry streams (wadi, wash, arroyo) have distinctly different physical characteristics than intermittent streams.

BTW: I finally got smart and used the map function to nail down my location. :)

Location: Kopra Street, Truth or Consequences, Sierra County, New Mexico, 87901, United States of America

New Version of OSM IQ with new KML Export

Posted by marco79 on 11 August 2014 in English (English)

OSM IQ The freedom of OSM mappers makes it sometimes difficult to create a map with a simple styling. The new version of OSM IQ has new functions and is able to convert all types of geometries in order to use a common point style.

Happy Birthday OSM

Posted by Vincent de Phily on 11 August 2014 in English (English)

I've been a user and contributor for almost 4 years now. I found out about OSM after my honeymoon : I had bought a trekking GPS for it but was disgusted at the price of proprietary maps for it.

I quickly caught the mapping bug, spending full days on the bike (no highres imagery available at the time) mapping neighbourhoods to finish my hometown's road network. I'm a loose "completionist", trying to be methodical in my contributions.

Potlach was too slow on my computer at the time, Mercator lacked manpower, so I switched to JOSM pretty quickly. I bought an Android tablet last year, so began using Vespucci too.

I don't have as much time as I used to have, so I switched mostly to armchair mapping and incidental surveying. I still stick to areas I know well or plan to visit, the exception being HOT tasks (got involved only recently, with Lesotho and the ebola tasks) and some maproulette-type fixes.

Got progressively more engaged with the community: IRC, help.o.o, the mailling lists, and most recently github (I still have to get any usefull code merged). I'm advocating and evangelising about OSM all the time.

A thousand thank yous to all OSM contributors, big and small, whatever their motivations, level of understanding, country of origin, and amount of bickering :p I am very confident that OSM will continue its impressive growth and will become the de-facto default source of map data, supplanting the big names ever more frequently.


The first thing I mapped…

Posted by Shmias on 10 August 2014 in English (English)

…is the beautiful little village in Brandenburg, Germany named Sommerfeld.

(Openstreet) Map of Sommerfeld

I eventually ran out of ideas what else to map here. Do you have any feedback?

Location: Dorfstraße, Kremmen, Landkreis Oberhavel, Brandenburg, 16766, Germany, European Union

The Notes feature, please read first before making a note

Posted by emj on 10 August 2014 in English (English)

Opinions differ on how the Notes feature on should be used. This is something for people how care about the notes feature and are thinking about using it. As an individual mapper I have a clear view on what kind of notes are helpful. Here are some guidelines

Your note should

  1. be hand made notes by a user, that means not done automatically in any way.
  2. be verbose at least more than 3 words, probably more.
  3. contain an specific mappable fact, for example a new name.
  4. contain the app you are using when the error ocurred, preferrably

Things you should keep in mind:

  • do not: use a template to write multiple notes. See rule 1
  • do not: use notes as your own notepad while mapping, unless you expect someone else to fix it.
  • do not use a script. See rule 1
  • do not write: "this area should be mapped better". See rule 3

Notes that are ok, but could be edge cases in the rules above

  • "two unmapped roads here"
  • "this area is in development, lots of new houses"

Notes that are really bad:

  • "hjasgdkhagsd"
  • "This area needs more details"
  • "I was routed left here it should have been right"
  • "the told me the speed limit was X but it was really Y"

Really all notes about routing apps are useless, they are too specific to the app to beable to verify.

Further more it would be nice if people were required to be contactable when leaving notes, but I guess I wouldn't want that either as an anon. And I really want to thank everyone involved in the notes feature.

10th Anniversary Name Fix Challenge

Posted by KristenK on 9 August 2014 in English (English)


Today I would like to share some words about the latest challenge to hit MapRoulette—the 10th Anniversary Name Fix Challenge ( ; active on 8/9/2014).

OSM data is not only used for cartographic purposes, but also for route navigation and guidance (audio/text). Spelling and punctuation errors in the raw OSM data affect navigation end-user experience. At Telenav, we've queried the raw data and identified various types of name spelling/punctuation errors that results in less-than-ideal text-to-speech pronunciation and display. Here's a sampling of the errors we've identified and pushed to MapRoulette--and suggestions on how to fix them. I've also included in a link below, sound bytes of the OSM names pronounced by our text-to-speech service.

Way ID = 12980620; "South8th Street"

Way ID = 110323605, "Treetop La\ne"

Way ID = 13090901, "40 Th Street"

Way ID = 19459430, "2 Nd Street"

Way ID = 12061780, "Cementary Hill Road"

Way ID = 9002952, "Altman Cemetary Road"

Way ID = 205289167, Street Joseph Street

Way ID = 17454543, "South Sweeetbriar Circle"

Way ID = 7797877, Oakwooods Drive"

Way ID = 12677584, My Happpiness Lane"

Way ID = 13451423, "Hedda St; La Jara Street"

My Dropbox folder that contains audio listed above:

If you've got any questions or can think of other types of spelling errors in the data, give me a shout via or at



Location: Fusion Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara County, California, 94089, United States of America

Happy 10th Birthday OSM. So where next?

Posted by Amaroussi on 8 August 2014 in English (English)

In nearly two years I've:

  • Added street light data to the roads of Athens, Barcelona, London and Paris.
  • Tried to turn Highbury into the densest area mapped globally by adding whatever notable feature there is.
  • Introduce a proper relation for the London Congestion Charge.
  • Introduce a proper standard for Greek Provincial Roads.
  • Mapped Bir Tawil despite facing the technical limitations as others did with Antarctica.
  • Kicked off a proper attempt at making London transport nodes "public_transport" ready.

And for my next endeavour:

  • I've started mapping the LEZ in London.
  • I've started mapping sidewalks in Barcelona and London.

So where next? Would it be nice to fork the OpenStreetMap engine for my roleplay on NationStates? Yes, I know OpenGeofiction but my priorities are different because it involves the real world map as a base and my visions have been bottled up for years.

Location: Mildmay Park, London Borough of Islington, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom
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